5 cheap products that save me thousands of dollars in coffee per year



  • I haven’t bought coffee in years, not because I stopped drinking it but because I started making mine.
  • Over the years, I have saved thousands of dollars in coffee with these five items: a cold coffee machine, a traditional coffee machine, reusable filters, an espresso machine on the stove and a milk frother.
  • All are super easy to use, are well reviewed on Amazon, and the results are probably better than what you would get in your usual coffee.

When it comes to coffee, I am a purist. I am a brand agnostic and will always drink my black cup without sugar or milk. That’s why I hate paying such an easy order knowing that I can prepare my own (and generally better) at home. In fact, excluding business meetings or vacations where I can’t BYO, I don’t think I bought coffee in a few years.

This is how I save thousands of dollars in coffee by making mine.


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