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& # 39; Sesame Street & # 39; he asked Twitter for an innocent question about the desert island. Things have intensified.

Would you choose Grover? O Elmo? Oscar? MONSTER OF COOKIES?
Would you choose Grover? O Elmo? Oscar? MONSTER OF COOKIES?

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If you found yourself abandoned on a deserted island, and you could summon a character from Sesame Streetwho would it be

It looks like an innocent question, but it has had an intense turn when it was asked by the popular children's program on Twitter.

Sesame Street& # 39; S The social media team put forward the hypothesis: "You are stuck on a desert island and you can choose one of these friends from Sesame Street to come with you, who are you gathering and why?" and presented the choices of Grover, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch and Elmo.

Many took to the stage to defend their favorite, including director Joss Whedon and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, staging an intense logic for their chosen island partner, starting from # 39; a perpetually enthusiastic friend of all, Elmo.

Some preferred to hang out with the biggest quack around.

Even if you all know who could inhale the food that you both can collect on the island, Cookie Monster has had some strong, even if macabre supporters.

But Team Grover really came to the plate, with a significant amount of people tied to the island who chose to bring the lovely blue monster with them.

Even a smug Grover weighed.

C & # 39 was a furry friend you forgot, who lives far from Sesame Street but deserves consideration.

Oh, do it Two forgotten furry friends.

Who would you choose?

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