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20 minutes – Do you expect a massive earthquake in "Fortnite"?

Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, loves big in-game events. So in the Battle Royale game that was already being launched, a rocket or a mysterious cube appeared before the start of a new season in the game.


How often do you play "Fortnite"?

Now there are the first rumors for the beginning of season 8. The Twitter user Forttory has found several clues in the folder structures of the game. He talks about a folder called Earthquake – Earthquake. Forttroy wants to find sound recordings that refer to that.

There are also reports of players who have experienced an earthquake according to their own statements in the game. The assumption is thus clear that it could come in time to an even bigger earthquake in the game. Parts of the community even speculate that this event will be so violent that the card can fall apart.

Theory of the Fire King

Fire King? Huh? Recently a skin appeared called The Prisoner, the prisoner. His body is made of chilled lava. Some players believe that it is the antagonist of the ice king and that the prisoner was stuck in Polar Peak in the castle. Currently, however, the fire king is only a speculation.

45 missiles in 9 seconds

More concrete offers since the update with the patch 7.30. That is how the bottle rocket came into play. It is a throw object. It causes 10 damage to players and 40 damage to buildings. In total there will be more than nine seconds 45 missiles shot. The missiles are then divided into a certain radius, that is to say: you can not focus precisely.



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