Tears of joy after dog found presumed dead in rubble of landslide-damaged home

A house in the Magnolia district of Seattle (USA) collapsed following a landslide. Residents never expected to see their beloved dog alive again…

Some animals are blessed with incredible luck. This is the case of Sammy, a female dog with a black coat. During the second week of January, its owners’ cliffside home collapsed following a landslide. The couple made it out alive, which unfortunately their dog didn’t. Lilly. The other 4-legged friend was missing.

The days went by, amplifying the worst fears of James and Didi Fritts. The latter went daily to the remains of their property, hoping to see their pet again.

Eventually, their furry friend was presumed dead. ” It is not safe to enter the house, we exercise extreme caution said a member of the rescue team.

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The end of long hours of anguish

A glimmer of hope sprung up in the dark, when neighbors, present to lend a hand, heard a groan in the middle of the rubble, reveals an article published on January 13, 2022 in the New York Post.

Rescuers worked for several hours at a time clearing debris, breaking down walls and floors until Sammy resurface! 6 days after this terrible accident, the black-robed canine was able to find the comforting arms of its extremely relieved owners. During the reunion, the survivor wagged her tail and licked the face of her favorite humans, who could not hold back their tears of joy.

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Luckily, the canine was not crushed during the disaster. A family friend speculated that he survived by drinking rainwater. Although shaken by this ordeal, Sammy, who has been examined by a veterinarian, is doing well. Finding her owners cheered her up.


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