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What is the Teaching Material Development Course?

In the Teaching Material Development Course, students conduct practical and theoretical education and research by placing subject pedagogy, teaching material development, and lesson research in their respective specialized fields.

Overview of education and research in the Teaching Material Development Course[Music Education Area]

Music education area

  • We aim to improve the educational practice and research skills necessary as a music teacher.
  • By deepening specialized skills and knowledge in the fields of instrumental music, vocal music, composition, and musicology, students will be able to gain deeper insight into art and culture, and improve their comprehensive research and educational capabilities.
  • By deeply studying the contents and methods of music education in elementary and secondary education, we aim to improve practical abilities such as teaching material development and lesson research, and to contribute to art education in schools.

List of faculty members in the music education field

Junko InubushiSumiko Inubushi

Research theme
(1) How to perform piano works and works that include piano
(2) Piano education

Mutsumi HayashiMutsumi Hayashi

Research theme
(1) Music education in collaboration with the community
(2) Applied Musicology

Chiharu WakabayashiWakabayashi Chiharu

Research theme
Creation of musical works in a ritual space as a myth…Between “human inner nature” and “artificial fantasies or phantoms of ideas”

Yousuke NakaneYousuke Nakane

Research theme
(1)Research on woodwind playing methods centering on the oboe
(2) How to play and teach wind ensembles

Watanabe FumiAya Watanabe

Research theme
(1) Singing expressions on stage
(2) Voice, language, and effective basic training methods for singing
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Examples of Recent Master’s Thesis Titles

  • Music Reading Guidance for Elementary School Music Department -Survey of Children’s Reading Ability and Proposal for Lesson Practice-
  • A study on cooperation with local communities in school music education – Focusing on the development of new collaborative classes with musicians –
  • Reception of Modern French Music in Japan -Focusing on Considerations from Piano Performances-
  • What is J-POP?-Historical transition and transformation by young people-
  • Research on music learning activities incorporating a music therapy perspective in special needs education
  • Exploring the Possibilities of Voice -Learning from Voice Actors and Impersonators-
  • The Influence of Folk Song Studies on Bartok’s Piano Works – Focusing on “Impromptu on Hungarian Peasant Songs” Op.20 –
  • The Role of Education in the Tradition System of Awaji Ningyo Joruri: Tradition and Development of Local Performing Arts in Local Schools and Children’s Association Activities
  • Teaching Analysis for Improvement of Teaching in Music Department -Focusing on Teaching Behavior Unique to Music Department-
  • Beethoven’s Piano Sonata -Possibilities of Performance from Fortepiano and Modern Piano-
  • A Study of Music Outreach Activities in Japan -Comparison with Activities in China-
  • Research on Music Volunteer Activities in Local Areas – Focusing on Activities at Welfare Facilities –
  • On Church Modes in G. Fauré’s Works

Please see the “Introduction to Graduate School” and “Introduction to Faculty” pages on the website of the Music Education Course.

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