Teachers may be allowed to re-receive free education

A draft law was sent to the government of the Russian Federation for feedback, proposing to give teaching staff the right to re-receive free specialized education in the magistracy.

Deputies from the party “New people” Ksenia Goryacheva and Sardana Avksentieva developed a draft law, according to which teachers with higher profile education and more than 5 years of experience can get the opportunity to complete a master’s program for free. This information is provided by RIA Novosti, referring to the document.

“Persons with a higher pedagogical education and at least five years of experience in teaching positions are entitled to re-acquire professional education in accordance with their qualifications in master’s programs at the expense of budgetary allocations”says the text of the initiative.

The document has now been sent to the government for feedback. The authors of the project indicated in the accompanying materials that in order to implement this initiative, it is necessary to include in the federal budget for 2024-2026. up to 4.85 billion rubles.

As indicated in the explanatory note, this measure is aimed at achieving the national goals and strategic objectives of the country’s development until 2024. According to Goryacheva, such an initiative is designed to address the issue of the attractiveness of such a profession as a teacher. Speaking about this, the deputy expressed the opinion that teachers need to remain interested, “to inspire children and contribute to their development.”

The day before, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin signed a decree granting more teachers the right to apply for the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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