“Teach Mbappé how to be less arrogant.” The collapse of stellar France led to a furious quarrel

The shocking elimination of France in Monday’s round of 16 in the Euro football team caused a rift between the families of the defeated representatives.

It happened after the biggest star of the favorite Kylian Mbappé did not turn the last penalty into a shootout.

He had to give, but he didn’t give, so the Swiss celebrated sensationally at the stadium in Bucharest. At the same time, they also did not change the penalty kick at 1: 0 and then lost 1: 3. At that moment, almost no one thought that the reigning world champions could lose a comfortable lead.

However, in the last ten minutes, the Swiss outsiders leveled the basic playing time and then led the race to penalties. They were the only ones to fail the most expensive player on the Mbappé pitch, who did not score even once in the tournament and did not confirm the famous club performances from Paris St. Germain.

The unexpected crash not only shocked France, but also caused a rift in the auditorium between the families of some players. According to the French station RMC Sport, everything was started by Veronique Rabiot, the mother of midfielder Adrien Rabiot.

She first recalled how Paul Pogba had made a mistake in the equalizing goal of Switzerland, when he lost the ball in the middle of the field. The team overshadowed his beautiful goal from a distance of 3: 1.

Rabiot also leaned against Mbappé. She told his father to teach his son how to be less arrogant. Which, according to the testimonies of family members of other representatives, provoked a furious quarrel.

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Similar emotions were seen in the match itself. When Pogba lost the ball at the very end and the Swiss leveled, Rabiot gestured angrily with his hands. A verbal shootout broke out. The quarreling pair then had to be reassured by French coach Didier Deschamps.

“We had to stay calm because there was an extension in front of us,” the gray-haired coach explained.

However, even this intervention did not change the fact that Mbappé et al. they left home early. According to some critics, France did not play as a team.

“I am very disappointed with our approach on the field. I think it was a poor national team selection, I did not notice any cohesion,” said French football legend Patrick Vieira. “We didn’t play as a team, so we didn’t deserve to advance to the quarterfinals.”

Veronique Rabiot, mother of the French representative Adrien Rabiot:


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