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[The Epoch Times, September 15, 2023](Epoch Times reporter Chen Juncun reported) The famous American singer Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour (The Eras Tour) is in full swing around the world, which has not only aroused widespread interest Fans paid attention to it and set off a wave of craze. Major American newspaper groups are even recruiting reporters who specialize in reporting on Taylor Swift, with an hourly salary of up to $50.

USA Today and The Tennessean are now seeking an experienced full-time reporter to cover Taylor Swift’s musical and cultural impact. Both newspapers are also owned by Gannett, the largest newspaper publisher in the United States. The company owns more than 200 daily newspapers.

The Gannett newspaper said in a recruitment notice published on September 12 that the company is looking for an energetic writer, photographer and social media expert who can present Taylor Swift-related news on different platforms. Series of reports.

“The ideal candidate will be a driven, creative and energetic journalist who can capture the excitement of Swift’s ongoing tour and upcoming album while providing in-depth analysis of her music and career,” the notice reads. .”

The notice mentioned that the job was not just about reporting on Taylor Swift’s music, but also analyzing her impact on the music industry and the business world.

Applicants must be thoughtful but nonjudgmental and have a clear and correct writing style, the notice said. The basic requirements are to have a bachelor’s degree or above and at least 5 years of journalistic experience, have a driver’s license, be willing and able to travel abroad frequently, and preferably be able to speak two or more languages.

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Hourly wages for this job range from $21.63 to $50.87. There are a variety of allowances available, depending on the candidate’s skills, experience and location.

On September 12, 2023, Taylor Swift received the Song of the Year Award at the MTV Video Music Award ceremony held in New Jersey. (Mike Coppola/Getty Images for MTV)

Although the 33-year-old pop queen Taylor Swift is currently at the height of her popularity, few media outlets assign full-time reporters to report only on a specific person, especially if the person is not a head of state or a high-level government official, so the above-mentioned recruitment notice is quite rare.

Taylor Swift’s Era Tour has done extremely well at the box office around the world and is expected to set a record for the first tour in history to gross $1 billion. A concert movie with this concert as its main content will be released in October at AMC, the largest movie theater chain in the United States.

The “Business Insider” website previously reported that the Era Tour has attracted the attention of the US Federal Reserve (FED) because it has had a significant impact on the world economy.

The Common Sense Institute, an American non-profit organization, estimates that the Times Tour concerts in the United States alone will generate $4.6 billion in consumer spending, exceeding the gross domestic product (GDP) of 35 countries. .

The Era Tour will begin on March 17, 2023 and is expected to end on August 17, 2024. This is Taylor Swift’s sixth concert tour and the largest since her debut.

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