Taxi driver who would have run over a dog in Bosa was prosecuted

Before a guarantee control judge, a man accused of having run over a dog in Bosa was presented, on November 21, and having fled the place.

The investigations were carried out by personnel from the Police and the Attorney General’s Office, who, through the Special Group for the Fight Against Animal Abuse (Gelma); the authorities gave the judge security camera videos, with which it was possible to identify the alleged aggressor.

The images show this person who led the taxi that ran over the French Poodle puppy and fled the scene without providing assistance. The animal suffered severe injuries that caused death.

In the investigations, it was established that this alleged aggressor has a current traffic sanction that contemplates the suspension of the driving license for 5 years, and the prohibition of driving public service vehicles for 10 years.

A prosecutor from Gelma, Bogotá section, charged the crimes of aggravated animal abuse and fraud with a judicial or administrative police decision. The charges were not accepted by the defendant.

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