Tax payment, education, vaccination-Summary of promotion of digitalization, etc.[Yoshihiro Nakajima’s “Five News You Should Know Now” 2022/1/6 ~ 1/13]–INTERNET Watch

1. Tax payment, education, vaccination-summary of digitalization promotion

Prior to the final tax return, the NTA’s electronic national tax filing and tax payment system (e-Tax) has made it possible to send e-Tax using the My Number card method by reading a two-dimensional bar code with a smartphone terminal. Was announced (Keitai Watch). If you have a smartphone that can read your My Number card, you don’t need to prepare an IC card reader or set up software. It’s a little bit, but it’s good news because many people have had a hard time working once a year.

In addition, it was announced that the number of certificates issued by the “Vaccination Certificate App” released at the end of the year reached 2.7 million as of January 9 (Keitai Watch). It seems that no major problems have been reported, except for the incompleteness of the maiden name.

And it is reported that the Digital Agency has newly announced “a process chart for digitization of education to build a mechanism that allows individuals to centrally manage learning data from early childhood education to lifelong learning by around 2030” ( ITmedia). With this mechanism, “Individuals can receive guidance and administrative support according to their learning history, and even after becoming a member of society, they can make use of it in vocational training and lifelong learning.” “Private businesses can also use anonymized big data to connect to businesses such as the development of teaching materials.” However, there are some who are concerned about the harmful effects of recording and sharing such information, and it seems necessary to discuss the scope of future handling and sharing of information.

In addition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has announced an immediate budget plan for the “Digital Garden City National Concept” (Keitai Watch). The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ business has four pillars: “Development of digital infrastructure,” “Development and securing of digital human resources,” “Digital implementation to solve local issues,” and “Efforts to prevent anyone from being left behind.” The specific content of is also shown.

News source

  • If you have e-Tax and smartphone, you don’t need an IC card reader[Keitai Watch]
  • Digital Agency announces process chart for digitization of education Centralized management of personal lifelong learning data[ITmedia]
  • Vaccination certificate app, the number of certificates issued exceeds 2.7 million[Keitai Watch]
  • What kind of efforts will the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications take on the government’s “Digital Garden City Concept”?[Keitai Watch]

2. “Global app spending” was 20 trillion yen, up 20% year-on-year-App Annie survey

App Annie, a research firm on mobile apps, has released the “State of Mobile 2022” (Forbes Japan).

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“In 2021, people spent more time on mobile apps than ever before, and Americans spent an average of one-third of their waking hours,” he said. “The average user in the top 10 countries spent 4.8 hours a day on mobile last year, which is about one-third of the time they’re awake and 30% of their time from 2019. It was increasing. ” And, “The amount of money that consumers around the world spent on apps was 170 billion dollars (about 19.5 trillion yen), which was an increase of nearly 20% from 2020,” so the impact of the consumer economy is also great.

There are several possible factors, such as the spread of smartphones, the enhancement of mobile services (assuming that socially), and the increase in digital activities due to the corona sickness, but the dependence on smartphone apps is rapidly increasing. That’s right.

News source

  • “World app spending” in 2021 will be 20 trillion yen, up 20% from the previous year[Forbes Japan]

3. Apple’s content and service businesses are steadily expanding

For several years, Apple has been focusing on measures to increase sales of content and services, not just traditional hardware sales.

On January 10th, Apple announced that “developers have made a cumulative total of more than $ 260 billion in revenue from the store since 2008 when the” App Store “started.” ZDnet Japan). The App Store is currently growing to reach 600 million people every week in 175 countries.

In addition, subscription services such as “Apple Fitness +”, “Apple TV +” and “Apple Arcade” have more than 745 million subscribers and are used on more than 1 billion terminals (CNET Japan). In addition, Apple Wallet users used 30 million digital tickets for concerts and sports matches in 2021, saying, “In 2022, home keys, employee ID cards, state-issued ID cards, etc. The driver’s license will be supported by Apple Wallet. “

Smart devices are likely to grow not only to use content, but also as a basis for proving the identity of the owner.

News source

  • Apple “App Store”, cumulative revenue of developers is about 30 trillion yen[ZDnet Japan]
  • Apple’s paid service users exceed 745 million[CNET Japan]

4. Various services that apply the newly released AI technology

Here are some services that apply the recently announced AI technology.

NTT DoCoMo, Forecast Communications, and Nippon Television Network have started to provide an automatic summarization service for news articles, “Automatic Summarization AI (β version)” (Keitai Watch). “The” character number specification function “and” sentence number specification function “that summarize based on the number of characters and sentences specified in advance, the” hint function “that specifies the keywords that you want to reflect in the summary result, and the first” title function “in Japan. It is equipped with a “location identification function”. “The service period is until June 30, and the usage fee is free. In addition, you need to apply by registering your e-mail address to use the service.”

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Zen Products announced a grammar proofing tool called “Shodo” in July last year, but this time it has released a free version that can be used on the browser (INTERNET Watch). Features are limited compared to the paid version.

The University of Tsukuba Ochiai Laboratory has developed a “learning-based system that automatically generates red stamps from texts” called “Goshuin 2.0” (ITmedia). It is said that it was converted into data on a large scale based on the red stamps obtained by visiting more than 1000 temples and shrines. Many people collect Goshuin, but it is interesting in the sense that you can make an original design of “Goshuin style”.

News source

  • Developed by University of Tsukuba, a system that automatically generates red stamps from texts Collects red stamps from more than 1000 temples and shrines and converts them into data[ITmedia]
  • DoCoMo and 3 other companies start offering “Automatic Summarization AI (β version)”, an automatic summarization service for news articles[Keitai Watch]
  • A free AI grammar proofreading tool that runs on the browser is on sale, check all 25 items for free[INTERNET Watch]

5. New technologies and ideas that are ambitious even in the corona-CES 2022 summary

The 2022 CES will be held at the Las Vegas exhibition hall and online in Hybud. Due to the spread of the new coronavirus (Omicron strain), it was announced that major companies would cancel their exhibitions, but it seems that each company still exhibited products equipped with ambitious ideas and technologies. Here are some of the articles I’ve noticed in the past week in the news sources below.

Of particular note is Sony’s announcement to consider entering the electric vehicle (EV) (Engadget Japan version). The entry of electrical equipment manufacturers other than automobile manufacturers may have had an international impact. There are occasional forecast articles about Apple’s entry into EVs, but it seems that the strategies of each company going to the surface and mutual checks between related companies will become more active in the future.

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Also, some new keywords have appeared. One is “Age Tech” (TechCrunch Japan version). “If technology helps make the lives of older people more comfortable, it will help many others,” he said. Indeed, Japan is aging, but we can expect more convenient solutions to appear in the next few years.

And, as expected, there were many topics related to smart homes and the Metaverse. In particular, note that the word “Enterprise Metaverse” (The Bridge) appears. It means using the Metaverse for corporate activities, not entertainment. Not only can it be used for remote work, but there is also the possibility that new economic activities will be born here.

I feel once again that the businesses that utilize digital technology are becoming more active and the changes are rapid.

News source

  • “Technology that helps the elderly is useful for everyone,” startups show at CES[TechCrunch Japan]
  • What Amazon announced at “CES 2022”-“Alexa, take me to the moon” etc.[Keitai Watch]
  • Technology that can change the color of the body with BMW, E Ink[Impress Watch]
  • CES 2022: AI-Promoted Smart Tech Innovation (Part 1)[The Bridge]
  • CES 2022: AI-Promoted Smart Tech Innovation (Part 2)[The Bridge]
  • CES 2022: Loss of Apple Silicon Dominance and Laptop Mutation[The Bridge]
  • CES 2022: John Deere to commercialize self-driving tractors by the end of the year ——Strength in the field of specialized vehicles where passenger car technology does not work[The Bridge]
  • CES 2022: The future of enterprise metaverse that can be used for work ——HMD unnecessary, 5G is the key to pursuing realism[The Bridge]
  • Reasons why the connection standard “Matter” for smart home devices is attracting attention in CES 2022[TechCrunch Japan version]
  • Electric bicycles and scooters exhibited at CES 2022 are more powerful and smarter[TechCrunch Japan version]
  • Big News for CES 2022[TechCrunch Japan Version]
  • “Food Tech” in 2022 that started to move in line with CES … Mushroom Tech, alternative meat fried chicken, and automatic delivery robot[BUSINESS INSIDER]
  • Abbott announces development of bio-wearables for the general public at CES[TechCrunch Japan version]
  • What impact does Sony have on the tech industry? Looking back on the exhibition at CES 2022[Engadget Japan version]
  • Appealing interesting products such as sweet-biting cats to the world. 52 domestic startups, the highest number ever, exhibited at CES-CES Exhibition Hall Report[PC Watch]
  • Venture from the University of Tokyo won the CES Innovation Award 3 category Neck hanging terminal[Nikkei XTECH]


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