Tatarstan residents spent their mother’s capital on housing, education and mom’s pensions

Over 86 percent of the republic’s families that have received maternity capital spend their money on improving their living conditions, said Eduard Vafin, head of the Russian Pension Fund’s department for the Republic of Tatarstan.

Of the five areas approved by law for the use of maternity capital, the most demanded is the improvement of living conditions. Also, about 35,000 Tatarstan residents sent funds for the education of children, 113 women used to form a funded pension, 2 families – for the adaptation and integration of children with disabilities in society, Vafin noted.

Over ten thousand families have used their maternity capital to receive a monthly payment in connection with the birth of a second child, which is paid to low-income families until the child reaches the age of three. Its size depends on the subsistence minimum for children, established in the subject of the country at the time of application.

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