‘Taste of paranoia’: MEA reviews on OIC on abolition of exclusive position for Kashmir | Most recent Information India

On Friday, the International Minister (MEA) slammed the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) comments on the 3rd anniversary of the abolition of Kashmir’s former specific standing, contacting it “biased”.

In issuing a push release in this regard, MEA spokesman Arindam Bagchi reported that when Jammu and Kashmir is and will go on to be an integral portion of India, the OIC continues to issue “at the request of serial human legal rights abusers and cross-border facilitators” statement”. Borders, Regional and International Terrorism”.

“The assertion built by the Common Secretariat of the Corporation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) currently on Jammu and Kashmir is comprehensive of paranoia,” the MEA claimed. These types of statements just expose the OIC as an group dedicated to a general public agenda pursued as a result of terrorism.

“The United Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is and will stay an integral part of India. It right now reaps the advantages of socio-financial growth and growth thanks to the extended-awaited improvements three yrs ago.”

In a series of tweets, the OIC urged the global community to acquire concrete actions to take care of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute in line with related UN Safety Council resolutions on the 3rd anniversary of what it named “illegal and unilateral steps”. Federal government of India.

“This unlawful act can neither modify the contested position of Jammu and Kashmir nor undermine the legitimate right of the Kashmiri folks to self-determination,” it explained in a tweet.

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