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Taro Hakase, a violinist representing Japan, will celebrate the 25th anniversary of his solo debut in 2021.
In 2020, which was a milestone, “Taro Hakase Concert Tour 2020 FRONTIERS” was held to support all continents while the world was fighting against unknown viruses.
This tour final, which ended with great success, the concert at Tokyo International Forum Hall A on December 29, 2020 will be released on Blu-ray as “30th Anniversary CONCERT TOUR 2020 FRONTIERS”.
Nine members have recorded a number of their own hit songs, such as “Jonetsu Tairiku,” “Etopirka,” and “To Love You More,” which have led to the present since their solo debut.
And, ahead of the 25th anniversary of his solo debut, a new album created by adding a new song that will be the story of Taro Hakase heading for the future.
A new studio album full of hit songs has been completed, as if the heat of the concert hall was brought home as it was.

Taro Hakase (Vl)
Takefumi Haketa (Pf) / Hiroki Kashiwagi (Vc) / Shunichi Oshima (Key) / Kiyotsugu Amano (Gt) / Yoshito Tanaka (Gt) / Hitoshi Watanabe (Ba) / Gota Yashiki (Dr) / Tomoaki Tanaka (Per) / Makoto Yamaki (Manip)

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First production limited edition


● 2-CD set
● Luxury sleeve case specifications

Normal Disk


Contents recorded

・ Jonetsu Tairiku
・ Tufted puffin
・To Love You More
・ Between calm and passion
・Another Sky
New songs + multiple new songs scheduled to be recorded


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