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Director Isshin Inudo of “Zero no Shôten” and “The Floating Castle” and Hiroshi Saito of “Miracles of the Namiya General Store” and “April Bride” teamed up for the first time in the movie “How” that depicts the bond between people and dogs. 』. Pay attention to the slightly weak young man, Jin Akanishi, played by Kei Tanaka, the main character of this work, which will be released on August 19th (Friday).

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I’m weak, but I can’t leave it somewhere–

Tamio, played by Mr. Tanaka, is a city hall employee who has no hands or legs even if he wants to keep her, even though he is easily flirted with his fiancé one day.

At the worst time of his life, he was at a loss, but at the recommendation of his boss, Shiro Nabeshima (Toru Nomaguchi), who couldn’t see him, he decided to keep a big white protected dog, Howe, who couldn’t sing. I was soaked in water trying to shampoo, I had a hard time getting a lead, I kept being pulled vigorously during my walk … Heal.

It is said that the producer of this work had a premonition of Mr. Tanaka’s addictive role so much that he made an enthusiastic offer that “the image is just right”. Mr. Tanaka said, “(Howe is no longer a pet for Tamio). I think people who have actually lived with dogs will understand it.” He revealed that he is a partner.

The life of such two people is outstanding in healing effect. The trailer shows the dear days, such as Howe, who was waiting for Tamio’s return, waving his tail and welcoming him happily, and his back standing by the window.

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This is the first full-scale co-starring with a dog!”Dog school” Kei Tanaka x actor dog Beck with excellent compatibility

Howe was played by Beck, who was the first to challenge himself. Received full-scale training from dock trainer Tadaomi Miya, who has worked on “Antarctica,” “Hachiko Monogatari,” and “Quill,” and performed a performance that made the director groan.

“I had a dog at my parents’ house from the time I was born, and I had a dog school when I was a student. For some reason, dogs have always liked me, so I feel that it’s okay to co-star with Howe. Mr. Tanaka said he was confident in co-starring with Beck even before shooting. Even in the actual shooting, he seriously communicated with Beck, who shows his genius acting ability everywhere, and created a number of heartwarming miraculous scenes.

Happy times end suddenly …

It seemed that their happy time would last forever, but one day suddenly Howe disappeared from the front of Tamio.

Although Tamio is depressed, he continues to search for his beloved Howe while touching the warmth of his colleagues, Momoko Adachi (Elaiza Ikeda), Shiro Nabeshima and his wife, Reiko (Makiko Watanabe). Howe, on the other hand, keeps running, relying on his thoughts on his beloved Tamio.

Can Howe and Tamio meet again? Pay attention to the overly gentle ending that awaits you.

“How” will be released nationwide from August 19th (Friday).

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