Take off the veils for the schoolchildren, the Union of Towns and Municipalities demands from Babiš

He considers the wearing of mouth and nose protection to be irrelevant in the current epidemic situation and in the context of further disintegration of anti-coronavirus measures. In a letter with a request, he addressed Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES).

“The experience of the past weeks, however, confirms how difficult it is for children to spend the entire teaching in veils and respirators, both mentally and physically,” said the chairman of the association František Lukl in a letter.

He also mentioned that wearing veils during classes is an intense interference with the personal integrity of children and young people. It is also said that the covering of the nose and mouth causes health complications for children. Lukl considers veils in shared school premises to be justified. According to him, the low numbers of positive cases in antigen testing prove that the obligation can be waived.

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Posted by Jakub Rychtecký on Sunday, May 30, 2021

The two-part podcast was called Dads for his children. In it, Rychtecký promised to ask the union, which unites almost 3,000 municipalities and cities, for help. The result is a letter to Prime Minister Babiš. Rychtecký and Vencl provided information about the activity on their Facebook accounts. According to Rychtecký, the principals of the schools that Pardubice is establishing also agree with the abolition of the veils at schools.

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