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[Epoch Times, April 02, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Xiao Lusheng) On April 2nd, there were 408 derailments of the Taroko Ziqiang train by Taiwan Railways, which has caused 51 deaths and 156 injuries. This is also the most serious accident in Taiwan Railways in the past 40 years.

According to the latest news, the accident resulted in 51 deaths, including 40 bodies found in the carriage, and another 7 bodies were transported, plus 1 person was sent to a doctor and died; under the third carriage, half of the body was under rescue and some others 2 bags of body parts. 156 people were injured in the hospital.

According to comprehensive Taiwan media reports, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital admitted 39 patients from the accident. The director of the hospital, Lin Xinrong, said that most of the injuries were returned home from Hualien. The head, hands and feet were mostly lacerated, and a few were more serious. Compression of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis, the most serious injuries are concentrated in the 7th and 8th carriages.

On the morning of the 2nd, the Taiwan Railway Taroko had a derailment accident in the Daqingshui Tunnel in Hualien, which was suspected of being hit by a construction vehicle, causing the train to twist and tilt, and many people were injured and sent to the hospital; the hospital activated a large number of injury and patient mechanisms. (Central News Agency)
Taiwan Railway Taroko Train No. 408 (from Shulin to Taitung) had a derailment accident at Daqingshui Tunnel in Hualien County on the morning of the 2nd, causing disjointed and deformed carriages, and many people were trapped. Firefighters tried their best to rescue the injured at the scene and assisted in sending the injured to hospital. (Central News Agency)
The Taroko train bound for Taitung for 408 times by the Taiwan Railways was derailed at the Daqingshui Tunnel in Hualien on the 2nd. (Provided by Taiwan Railways/Central News Agency)

Taiwan Railway’s worst accident in 40 years

The Taroko derailment accident is the most serious casualty accident in the past 40 years since the Taiwan Railway Ziqiang train was launched on the road in 1978.

On March 8, 1981, when the Taiwan Railway Ziqiang was traveling northward through Hsinchu Station to Zhubei Station to the south of Touqianxi Bridge, it collided with a gravel car that was trespassing on the level crossing at the time, causing the train to derail, resulting in 30 deaths and 130 injuries. .

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At 4 pm on November 15, 1991, the Ziqiang train departed from Kaohsiung by Taiwan Railways was suspected to collided with the Juguang train due to a failure in the replacement of the track signal, a failure of the automatic braking system, etc., resulting in 30 deaths and 112 injuries.

The accident has resulted in 51 deaths and 156 injuries so far.

More than 50 artists survived

However, in this accident, someone was very lucky to escape death.

The report stated that a passenger on the incident train escaped death because of finding an empty seat to sit down. A passenger surnamed Qiu sitting in the fifth carriage said that the place where he was standing was very crowded. He just saw an empty seat just before the accident and put the suitcase behind it. After the incident, the suitcase just blocked the deformation. The body of the car.

In addition to the passengers surnamed Qiu, the more than fifty artists who originally had to take the train today were also lucky to escape the catastrophe.

According to reports, Song Yimin, the chairman of the leading Yiqiguang Association, said that there were about fifty artists who had to take the train today to participate in the “2021 Love in April Day, Love You” concert at Hualien Arena. But because I couldn’t book a ticket, I had to take a tour bus (tour bus).

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