Concerts in the historical legal protection hall in wayside shrine

November 25, 2021 at 12:31 pm Start on Sunday : Chansons and jazz in the legal protection room in wayside shrine The singer Eskelina has already released three albums. Foto: Eric Vernazobres Wayside shrine Born in Sweden, lives in France – the singer Eskelina is one of the young hopes in the field of chanson. … Read more

KFD meditation path through the village: Walk with food for thought – Drensteinfurt

The Rinkeroder KFD invites young and old to a meditation path through the village up to and including Easter Monday <!––> a. At the eight stations along the way, most of which are located at wayside shrines and crossings, texts and images stimulate reflection. It deals with topics such as the way of life, God’s … Read more