A rancher runs into a bear and has to climb a tree to avoid being attacked

A rancher from Yebas (Cabezón de Liébana) was this friday afternoon surprised by a bear that he was devouring one of his goats, after which he had to climb an oak tree to avoid a possible attack. According to the version that Pedro Álvarez has told Europa Press -that is the name of the rancher-, … Read more

A concert of the ensemble “Ogloblya” was held at the district school of arts

The folk group arrived from Vologda as part of the Interregional Festival of Folk Art “Argish of Hope” Photo: Alexandra Kustysheva/nao24.ru Traditionally, within the framework of the Interregional Festival of Folk Art “Argish of Hope”, the participating groups give concerts to students and teaching staff of the district art school. This year the folklore ensemble … Read more

in Cyprus, before Zemfira’s concert, the guards took away the flags of Ukraine from the audience Informing about the main

As reported, at the entrance, the guards did not allow visitors with Ukrainian flags to pass. But one of them managed to carry the flag of Ukraine into the hall in his pocket. At a certain moment, the guest threw him right onto the stage, under Zemfira’s feet. Some fans say that the singer did … Read more

Want music? Here is a week of very good concerts in the province of Liège

Par Gilles Syenave | Published on 2/10/2022 at 09:00 Just because the days are getting shorter doesn’t mean you have to stay cloistered at home. On the contrary, let’s take the opportunity to go out after dark and go see some good concerts! This week again, several “live” meetings are scheduled. ***** *** ******* **** … Read more

Agutin spoke about the happiness of people attending the concerts of “Tender May”

Singer Leonid Agutin spoke about the people who attended the concerts of the Laskovy May group. According to him, after the performance of the team, they looked very happy. Image source: commons.wikimedia.org Leonid Agutin gave his commentary for the film about the late Yuri Shatunov. It became popular precisely thanks to the Tender May group, … Read more

why animal welfare is key and what are the consequences of not respecting it

Among the many definitions that can be applied to animal welfare, a simple one says that it is the state of complete physical and mental health of an animal so that it can grow and develop, fulfilling its natural conditions of behavior in the environment where it is raised. That is, you can develop your … Read more

Smolenskaya Gazeta – Olga Maslova: I dreamed of becoming a teacher since childhood!

Education Mathematics teacher at the Elninsk Secondary School No. K.I. Rakutin Olga MASLOVA – a participant in the regional professional competition “Teacher of the Year” – 2022 will be remembered for a long time. She has been working at the school for only five years and has already earned the high title of laureate. “This … Read more

Structural change in the Rhein-Kreis Neuss: IHK plans for future campus

Aug 6, 2022 at 4:50 am Structural change in the Rhein-Kreis Neuss : Neuss is to get a future campus In the course of the Wendersplatz redesign, a future campus is also to be established. Photo: Georg Salzburg Rhine district The education and innovation campus that the IHK is planning at Wendersplatz in Neuss could … Read more

Black bear seen touring Gainesville, recommend not to approach

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (Telemundo Atlanta) – A black bear has made several runs around downtown Gainesville, and authorities recommend getting close to the animal. The Gainesville Police Department said Saturday that it is aware of his escapades and authorities do not need to be called. You may also like: It is recommended to avoid the animal … Read more