Gloomy warning from specialists: In winter we could face a double epidemic – News by sources

Many vaccinated and less careful. In winter, we could face a double epidemic: influenza and Covid, experts warn. Covid changed our lives. And, indirectly, it has affected some stable phenomena, such as the classic seasonal flu epidemic. Although last year’s flu epidemic was almost non-existent due to strong restrictions to fight coronavirus, this year there … Read more

Hannover Concerts: Concerts only for vaccinated and convalescent people | – Nachrichten – Lower Saxony

Status: 10/6/2021 9:12 a.m. From the weekend, the concert organizer Hannover Concerts will only allow vaccinated and recovered people to attend events. Other organizers also want to rely on the 2G regulation. From an economic point of view, 3G is no longer possible, said managing director Nico Röger. Because then the venue may only be … Read more

Do Covid Survivors Need Vaccination? Here’s the Latest Study on the Threat of Infection

NORTH TIMES – There is a recent study on the threat of Covid 19 infection for Covid survivors. This information will answer the question of whether Covid survivors need to be vaccinated. Indeed, the bodies of Covid survivors experience immunity after being exposed to Covid 19, then will this be a reason for Covid survivors … Read more

ADE phenomenon: can vaccination worsen Covid-19?

Bp plekl tel “eullpupv-peoeupeup-eukeueeOeul”, etpu Pullholoel-uelOllletle Uelplolhnua. Beklulel uelpllal plek life plutualpekel ZeekeulpOnp, pel lu pel lutehllutuale lelpoektlek peheuul – nup aeteleklel lpl. Pel Oeuekeu lutehlluueu vle Beuane upel enek pel lOotnuaeu vnlpe el pelellp peupeeklel. PBB lpl leet. Ppel heuu ep enek ueek eluel Puluue-lOotnua entlleleu? Blu Behleuekeeh. GuOOl ep pel 6elOotleu lelpoektlek en … Read more

Coronavirus: 32 vaccinated seniors infected after a bus trip

The reason for the contamination is not yet known. Tannuity-two seniors tested positive for covid after a coach trip to Blankenberge. The 49 passengers, from the province of Limburg, were all vaccinated, according to information from TV Limburg, confirmed Thursday by the Flemish Health Care Agency. The stay in Blankenberge took place from September 3 … Read more

From November full room for concerts in the Alte

Culture by Ilse Romahn (21.09.2021) Due to current resolutions of the State of Hesse, cultural institutions are allowed to hold events in their houses with full room occupancy. The Alte Oper welcomes this decision very much and will return to full concert operations on November 1st. Unless the state government decides to restrict access in … Read more

Corona vaccination: How many vaccinated people are in the hospital?

But the numbers for adults, warns the RKI, must be interpreted carefully. Among other things, a different test behavior in vaccinated and unvaccinated people could lead to bias in the incidences. The number of vaccine breakthroughs is likely to be underestimated, as vaccinated people may get tested less often, even if they have symptoms. According … Read more

Catalonia studies offering discounts to vaccinated people at concerts and theaters

Catalonia is looking for incentives to get the million people still to be immunized in Catalonia to be vaccinated. This was stated yesterday by the Secretary of Public Health, Carmen Cabezas, who has admitted that “it is necessary to find a fair formula” so as not to discriminate against anyone in an interview on Catalunya … Read more

“We welcomed a 35-year-old single mother, she died of the virus, she was not vaccinated. It was heartbreaking, it can’t happen ”

Posted on Monday, August 30, 2021 at 9:02 a.m. Since Monday, hospitals in the Brussels-Capital Region can once again transfer Covid patients to hospitals in other regions Little by little, the country’s hospitals are welcoming more and more patients due to coronavirus infection. But it is in Brussels that the situation is the most problematic. … Read more