“ Dry quickly … ” Echoes of helping a dog to dry his favorite stuffed animal | Domestic | ABEMA TIMES

A dog that helps wash his favorite stuffed animal. Looking at the dried figure, the appealing expression is attracting attention. [Video]A dog helps a stuffed animal hang out to dry. Lillie, a border collie who loves to play with stuffed animals. On this day, the owner (border collie Lillie / lillie_bcl) puts the stuffed animals … Read more

Wild animal-like reflexes! Edouard Mendy’s ruthlessness is goosebumps on God save “You’re too superhuman” | Soccer | ABEMA TIMES

[FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group A]Senegal 3-1 Qatar (November 25, Japan time / Altumamama Stadium) Like a wild animal catching its prey, a god save came out with reflexes far beyond human reaction speed. The viewers couldn’t hide their surprise at Senegalese national team Edouard Mendy’s goosebumps save, which survived a pinch of desperation. … Read more

A Case for Males – Season 2, Episode 13

There is a theft in a girls’ boarding school near Neuchâtel and the management wants to deal with the matter as discreetly as possible. When she turns to Männdli, he finds: dormitories with nothing but six-year-old girls – no, that’s not for me. But he didn’t count on his housekeeper Rosa. Ein Fall für Männdli … Read more

Help, my dog ​​stinks! What can be the reasons for this – and what can we do about it?

When your own dog looks at you with big beady eyes and nudges you with its wet nose, it hardly leaves anyone cold. You want to bury your hands in your four-legged friend’s fur and scratch them to your heart’s content. Stupid only when the dog sniffles! According to a survey, 54 percent find that … Read more

“Who would think that those who have an exotic animal have to deliver it?”

The new animal welfare bill can be life-changing for those who have a pet. As he has explained Ana Rosa’s programcurrently exist ten commandments to have an animal In our life. First of all, pets must be integrated into the family nucleus, where they must be correctly clean and neat. In addition, they must live … Read more

“Mutual love” dogs and cats How to express each other’s affection “It’s intense” “I can watch it all the time” voices of agony | Domestic | ABEMA TIMES

A dog and a cat who are in love with each other. The way they express their affection for each other has received fainting voices, saying, “It’s intense~” and “I can watch you all the time.” [Video]”Expression of affection” from a cat to a dog Jun-chan, a cat who loves her dog Hacchan. Usually, there … Read more

A service dog in Birobidzhan was looking for drugs in a student dormitory

November 23, RIA Birobidzhan. As part of the interdepartmental complex operational and preventive operation “Children of Russia-2022”, the district inspector for minors and the detective of the PMC of the MOMVD of Russia “Birobidzhansky” conducted a preventive raid on student dormitories. The event was also attended by a junior inspector-canine handler of the Canine Service … Read more

NDR Radio Philharmonic in Japan: Meticulously planned tour | NDR.de – culture – music

Status: 22.11.2022 09:41 a.m The NDR Radiophilharmonie is currently touring through Japan, where they are giving a total of ten concerts. Friederike Westerhaus accompanies the tour and reports on her impressions. It is currently pleasantly warm with temperatures around 19 degrees Celsius in the southern Japanese coastal city of Fukuoka. At the invitation of a … Read more

Dancer Sergei Polunin and actor Igor Petrenko hold charity concerts

The first performance was held at the Novosibirsk Philharmonic. Dancer Sergei Polunin and actor Igor Petrenko hold charity concerts, the proceeds of which will be used to support the Russian army and participants in the Special Military Operation. The first performance was held at the Novosibirsk Philharmonic. Sergei Polunin performed an excerpt from Stravinsky’s The … Read more