Tomato salad and smoked salmon tartare

Although it is already September and with the end of the holidays also comes the feeling of “end of summer”, there are still a few days of heat and seasonal food. Tomatoes are still in great shape, and making them into a salad is a great way to turn them into healthy, tasty, and really … Read more

How sick can you get if you get infected after vaccination? Dutch Immunologist explains

There is some unrest in the Netherlands about vaccines, especially now that the infection rates are rising again. But many infected people have already been fully vaccinated. How is that possible? In the Dutch interpretation program ‘Op1’, immunologist Marjolein van Egmond explained how this is possible and how you can still get sick. Door Redactie … Read more

Vietnamese chicken noodle salad

One of the main problems we face when temperatures start to rise is maintaining a balanced diet. Apparently, not only the fatigue caused by the heat influences us when it comes to staying alert regarding this issue, but there are theories that indicate that the loss of habitual appetite due to the heat has a … Read more

ZTE presents a T-shirt with 5G to monitor health remotely | Companies

The fifth generation of mobile telephony, the so-called 5G, wants to be a key ally to revolutionize the health sector. And this Monday, the Chinese technology giant ZTE together with two partners has revealed a way to do it. The company has announced that the “life jacket with 5G connectivity” is now a reality, which … Read more

How to convert a ‘live photo’ of your iPhone into a video to send it by WhatsApp | Lifestyle

It was in 2015, with the launch of the iPhone 6s, when Apple came up with the idea of ​​introducing a thing called live photos to their smartphones. It was a content that took the appearance of a photograph but, when making touch force on the mobile screen, it was transformed into a small video … Read more

Do you know how to transcribe your voice notes on WhatsApp quickly and easily? | Lifestyle

WhatsApp is an application that allows you to communicate quickly no matter how you go on the street, or at home. If you are sitting placidly you can take things easy and write a paragraph without problems, but if you go down the street, with your hands full and you cannot answer anything, you always … Read more

The most agonizing endings in history | It’s LaLiga in THE COUNTRY

The battle for the LaLiga Santander title this season is one of the closest in recent history and in football today. None of the major European leagues have as many suitors as close to glory as in Spain, where four clubs huddle just six points apart with just four games to play. Since the victories … Read more

How to make insecurity the key to success | Happiness Lab Blog

“I can’t quite believe what people say about me when they talk about my achievements.” “I feel more insecure than the rest of my co-workers.” “I think what I have achieved has been more by luck, than by merits.” These are some of the phrases that I have heard in recent years in training sessions … Read more

Georges Seurat, or how to turn the workshop into a laboratory

Few artists have the honor of having placed their name in art history books next to the words ‘inventor’ or ‘forerunner’ of an artistic trend. It is something that is reserved for a few visionaries, who, like Georges Seurat, escaped from the corsets imposed by the academy to give a twist to the establishment artistic. … Read more

How to Convert Images and Screenshots to Text with the iPhone | Lifestyle

The perfect copy / paste combo is a productivity staple, but it can be stopped when you need to quickly grab real-world text or existing screenshots and images. We will show you how to convert iPhone images to text available directly on your clipboard. Whether you want to quickly convert images to text from Twitter, … Read more