They arrest a family of “lighters” for theft in two commercial retail stores in La Serena

The complaint was quickly made by the team in charge of security of one of the commercial stores that are in the Huanhual√≠ street sector with Alberto Solari. Around 2:00 p.m., the PDI shift personnel were alerted, due to the theft that would have occurred inside the premises of the establishment, located near Route 5. … Read more

Healthcare assistant steals credit card from a dead Covid patient and uses it at the vending machine

C.C. June 11, 2021 6:35 am A young medical assistant was convicted of using the credit card of a patient who died of Covid in the hospital where she worked to shop at the vending machine. It happened at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham, UK. Ayesha Basharat, 23, received two sentences of five months in prison … Read more

thieves surprised in the middle of the night by the owners of the house, woken up by the neighbors’ dog –

New thefts and attempted thefts in the Valmanera hamlet in Asti. In the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, in fact, two other houses were targeted. In one in particular, around 3 in the morning, the thieves (at least two) were surprised by the same tenants as they were rummaging inside the drawers. The alarm was … Read more

After a third shot at the Virgin gym, the carabinieri arrest two people

They would have been surprised by the carabinieri while they were trying to force the entrance door of the Virgin gym in via Ventura, already the subject of two thefts in recent days. Two foreigners were arrested on charges of aggravated theft, MG, a 44-year-old Ivorian, and 32-year-old SH, originally from Mali. To block the … Read more