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28 Jul 2021 – 2:58 p. m. After much speculation about her body, the actress cleared the doubts of whether she really has any surgical intervention, as many have claimed. Majo Vargas is remembered for her participation in the first season of The Queen of Flow, or also for her role as Juliana in Francisco the … Read more

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BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. In the tenth chapter of the second season “The queen of flowDespite the insistence of Mike Rivera, Charly refuses to start a war against the Surround Vibes production company, however, the launch of Yeimy Montoya as a singer changes the situation. MORE INFORMATION: When will “La reina del flow” 2 be available … Read more

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The second season of “The queen of flow”Is already underway. After a long wait, fans of Yeimy Montoya and Charly Flow can enjoy the new episodes of this great story, starting on Monday, April 26, 2021, a couple of months after finishing the recordings in Colombia amid the pandemic. of COVID-19. MORE INFORMATION: Absolutely everything … Read more

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The second season of “The queen of Flow” and we will see that Yeimi Montoya’s life will turn upside down again, since despite the fact that he is in his professional and personal best moment with Juancho, he will have to face a new enemy. But everything will get worse when ‘Charly Flow’ manages to … Read more

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