Scratching itching and smoothing the fur

[Epoch Times, August 8, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Fang Jinyuan reported in Kaohsiung, Taiwan) On Father’s Day, Shoushan Zoo in Kaohsiung City specially disclosed the warm-hearted behaviors of the conservationists, such as scratching the white rhino and helping the orangutan. Mao et al. The caregivers provide the animals with the best care environment 365 days … Read more

Vancouver newspaper reporter Xu Xinhan died on August 5 at the age of 83 | Vancouver Media | Editor-in-Chief of Vancouver World Journal

[Epoch Times, August 8, 2022]Veteran media personality and former World Journal Vancouver editor-in-chief John Hsu passed away in Richmond on the 5th at the age of 83. Xu Xinhan was born in Indonesia and then went to Taiwan to study. He graduated from the Department of Journalism of Chengchi University in 1964 and devoted his … Read more

The seriously injured at the MIRROR concert are sober and can simply communicate with the outside world | MIrror | Ah Mo | Li Qiyan

[The Epoch Times, August 8, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia reported) The Hong Kong men’s group “MIRROR” held a serious accident in the 4th concert at the Red Pavilion on July 28. The screen suddenly fell and hit 2 dancers. The seriously injured Ah Mo (Li Qiyan) was still in the intensive care unit … Read more

Experts on animal-to-human transmission of Langya virus in China worry about global spread | New England Journal of Medicine | NEJM | Shandong

[Epoch Times, August 7, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Ning Haizhong comprehensive report) As the new crown epidemic continues to ravage the world, authoritative medical journal reports show that an emerging infectious disease “Langya virus” has appeared again in China. The Langya virus was recently discovered in Shandong and Henan, which can be transmitted from animals … Read more

Wu Jianqing’s First Attack on Taipei Arena

[Epoch Times, August 7, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen) Taiwanese men’s group “Wu Jianqing” will stage its first Taipei Arena concert on August 6, and Wu Jianqing will bring 18 more dancers this time. The splendid stage spent tens of millions of Taiwan dollars and dispatched more than 500 manpower. And in the … Read more

Abandoned deaf dog is a ‘perfect match’ with a hearing-impaired professor | deaf dog | deaf man | sign language

[The Epoch Times, August 5, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Louise Chambers / Wang Jingyi compiled) A deaf dog has been sent to a Florida shelter, where it is being treated by a retired hearing-impaired dog. The professor found the perfect permanent home there. Champ, a 14-month-old Labrador, was handed over to the Tampa Bay Humane … Read more

Eunhyuk’s father passed away, SJ Manila concert changed the way to meet fans | Super Junior

[Epoch Times, August 6, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin compiled and reported) Label SJ announced today (6th) that due to the death of Super Junior member Eunhyuk’s father, the event was originally scheduled to be held in Manila, Philippines today. The “SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR – SUPER SHOW 9 : ROAD in MANLIA” concert … Read more

BC monkeypox cases rise to 81 | Fraser Health District | Human-to-human transmission

【The Epoch Times, August 6, 2022】(The Epoch Times reporterYang QingqingReported by Vancouver, Canada)As of August 4, 2022, there were 81 cases of monkeypox in B.C., according to data released by the B.C. Centers for Disease Control. Vancouver Coastal Health has 69 cases, Fraser Health has six cases and Vancouver Island Health has six cases. Currently, … Read more

Knox City will introduce a new policy to collect general waste every two weeks | Melbourne | Garbage Cleanup | Landfill

[Epoch Times, August 5, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Zhou Anzhu Melbourne compiled and reported) According to the “Sun Herald” report, the Melbourne Knox City Council will start collecting residents’ food and garden waste once a week in mid-2023. , to collect general waste every two weeks to reduce the flow of food waste into landfills. … Read more

Lu Tinghui arrived at West Kowloon Police Chief to assist in the investigation | MIrror | Screen |

[Epoch Times, August 5, 2022](The Epoch Times reporters Ye Zeyu, Song Bilong, Dove Hong Kong reported) The big screen of the men’s group MIRROR concert in the red hall fell into a serious accident, and the police intervened in the investigation. Lu Tinghui, CEO of Makerville, the organizer of the MIRROR concert, took a black … Read more