how much is Progresar charged and how to sign up

Due to the current inflationary context, Fernanda Raverta, head of ANSES, recently approved an increase for the Progresar Scholarships By iProfessional 27/11/2022 – 08,12hs With a annual inflation that could exceed 100%, many students wonder how much is charged for Progress Scholarships. In this line, from iProfessional we tell you all the details. How many … Read more

Ministry of Education – Government of Catamarca

The Ministry of Education, through the Provincial Directorate of Initial Education, carried out the 3rd Institutional Conference in the Nuclearized Kindergartens, Ribera del Valle Institutional Unit, Valle Chico Multi-age Educational Center and “Pasitos Cuidados I and II” Kindergartens. This day is the last of the 2022 school year established by the school agenda, and was … Read more

Podemos CLM asks Page for “an urgent improvement” of working conditions in education instead of “electoral promises”

Podemos CLM and its regional coordinator, José Luis García Gascón, have joined the mobilization in Cuenca of the CCOO, UGT, CSIF and STAS unions this Friday, demanding “the reversal of the cuts” of personnel working in public education from Castile-La Mancha. The concentration in front of the Cuenca auditorium theater, which brought together some 600 … Read more

Tips for Taking Concert and Festival Photography

(Ross Halfin, “The Who” concert. Retrieved from Taking concert photos is an art. Hilda Pellerano, a music and documentary photographer, says that “a good photograph is the one that makes you feel and, perhaps later, makes you think.” And it is that in a concert there are thousands of things that can be observed … Read more

Ministry of Education – Government of Catamarca

The Ministry of Education, led by Andrea Centurión, through the Secretariat of Educational Management, carried out the internal assembly to cover the position of Interim Director of the Physical Education Center (CEF). The act was presided over by the Provincial Director of Physical Education, Health, Sports and Recreation, Ariel Mascareño, accompanied by the pedagogical coordinator … Read more

Great Wall Motor: ORA Haomao and Haomao GT hit a peak in Thailand’s EV model sales in October, exceeding 5,500 units

According to the news on November 15, the latest data of Great Wall Motors showed that in October,Great Wall Motor’s overseas sales of 21,000 units hit a record high in a single monthwith outstanding performance in Thailand, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand and other key regional markets. Great Wall Motor said that in … Read more

Technology in the classroom-A case of a US high school that introduced a digital whiteboard Japan Top News

I want you to remember your science class in eighth grade. What kind of technology was used? Perhaps most people’s classroom experiences were pre-computers. Overhead projectors and VCRs were probably the most high-tech devices used in class. Courtesy: Image: Christopher Colombus High School The sight of computers in elementary schools was new to many who … Read more

Online Education + Entrepreneurs

Most of the students in Latin America do not have the privilege of having a first level education. Still, access to the internet has skyrocketed in recent years, giving students the opportunity to gain education through online platforms, and this begs the question: Could digital education be the hope of Latin America? Could digital education … Read more

World premiere! 4K Garden Releases 8K+3D VR Live Broadcasting System “Missing Stars”

On November 12, 4K Garden released the first domestic 8K+3D VR live broadcast system “METASTAR” today. According to reports, “Gypsophila” was independently developed by 4K Garden, covering the hard link technology in the field of 8K 3D 180-degree VR live broadcast. It is a professional-level ultra-high-definition VR broadcast system that can both 8K 3D VR … Read more

Ministry of Education – Government of Catamarca

The Ministry of Education, through the Directorate of Special Education, began the training course “Braille System Literacy” (replica), taught by Professor Mónica Elizabeth Rojas, a teacher at the School of Special Education No. 998 “Santa Lucía de Syracuse”. It is intended for teachers of common educational institutions, which have students with visual disabilities included in … Read more