Taxes have been deducted why are you still required to report SPT? This is the DGT’s explanation

“Through self-assessment we give trust to taxpayers to calculate, deposit, and report their own taxes. So even though it has been deducted by the employer, taxpayers have the obligation to submit SPT even though there is no tax that needs to be paid again, “he said, Friday (26/3/2021). Also Read: Tax Compliance Test for the … Read more

How German Cum-Ex investigators overtake the Danes

Sanjay Shah The British investment banker has been in Dubai for years. (Foto: Bloomberg/Getty Images) Düsseldorf When Sanjay Shah talked about his business in the past, he didn’t want to hide his unscrupulousness. The British investment banker called the method of having taxes reimbursed that he had not paid “taking advantage of market opportunities”. In Denmark … Read more

Sri Mulyani’s Message To Taxpayers, Don’t Do This …

Sri Mulyani invited the WP community to immediately report the Annual SPT. Photo: Fathra Nazrul Islam /, JAKARTA – Minister of Finance (Menkeu) Sri Mulyani Indrawati appealed to all people, both Individual Taxpayers (OP) and Entities to immediately report the Annual Tax Return (SPT) with the 2020 tax year. “For those of you, … Read more