Governor’s nominal social scholarship | Kaliningrad State Technical University

24.08.2022 Personal social scholarship of the governor As part of the implementation of the Decree of the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region dated July 12, 2010 No. 134 “On nominal social scholarships Governor of the Kaliningrad Region” a Competition is announced for the appointment of nominal social scholarships Governor of the Kaliningrad region. The following … Read more

Smolenskaya Gazeta – Olga Maslova: I dreamed of becoming a teacher since childhood!

Education Mathematics teacher at the Elninsk Secondary School No. K.I. Rakutin Olga MASLOVA – a participant in the regional professional competition “Teacher of the Year” – 2022 will be remembered for a long time. She has been working at the school for only five years and has already earned the high title of laureate. “This … Read more

Experts named the most popular education among the heads of Russian companies

Engineers are at the head of the largest Russian companies, researchers from the University of MISiS came to this conclusion. The Ministry of Education and Science also noticed the interest of applicants in engineering specialties in the last two years Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC The largest Russian companies are mainly led by engineers, this … Read more

Postgraduate Scholarship | Kaliningrad State Technical University

26.05.2022 Postgraduate Scholarship An open competitive selection is announced among graduate students for the right to receive scholarships from the President/Government of the Russian Federation, studying in educational programs of higher education for the 2022/2023 academic year. The award of scholarships is carried out based on the results of the selection of applicants from among … Read more

Almost 150 billion tenge will be allocated for education in Mangistau

Photos from available sources In the social sphere, 161 schools, 310 kindergartens, 27 colleges, 128 cultural organizations and 25 sports schools are financed from budgetary funds in the region. – Most of the funds are allocated to education. 149 billion tenge is being considered – this is 46 percent. In addition, 11 billion tenge or … Read more

The theater of satire was headed by the organizer of the “Nautilus Pompilius” concerts – RBK

Petr Kravchenko (Фото: moscowsatire / Facebook) Petr Kravchenko became the new director of the Moscow Academic Theater of Satire. The press service of the theater published the corresponding message on Facebook. “The head of the theaters and concert organizations department of the Moscow Department of Culture Natalya Drozhnikova introduced the new director, Petr Nikolaevich Kravchenko, … Read more

Russian dog handler explained why stray dogs

The stories that more stray dogs appear because of careless owners, and that spaying reduces the aggression of the animal is nothing more than a myth. This was told by the head of the Central Club of Service Dog Breeding DOSAAF Russia Alexandra Gerasimova in an interview with the portal According to her, 99% … Read more

In Krasnoyarsk, the captain paid for the education to the head of the department of the Siberian State University

A serviceman of one of the military units of the Krasnoyarsk Territory first gave bribes for the successful acquisition of higher education, then changed his mind and told about everything to law enforcement officers, thereby avoiding criminal liability. As it turned out, in the summer of 2018, an employee of one of the higher educational … Read more

“Sits without getting out and howls.” In Tyumen, a family moved a dog to a garage without light and heat

In Tyumen, the family moved a dog to the garage a year ago. There is no light or heat in the room. According to the volunteers, the dog almost went blind, lost its hair and covered with scabs. They walk her exclusively at night. – The dog sits in the garage without getting out. the … Read more

Young residents of Surgut performed at a concert in the Kremlin. How it was -News of Surgut

Surgut young artists performed on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace. Vocal ensemble “Altus“And the modern dance ensemble “Rhythm-X “took part in the Gala concert “New names are former ideals. ” How did the dream of the artists of the city cultural center come true? Last summer “Altus»Took part in the International competition “Cities … Read more