Tassilo – About happiness in music – Fürstenfeldbruck

Ela Marion is a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist. The Olching woman also appears as such. She plays a number of instruments on stage and is the “one-woman orchestra”. And the repertoire of this orchestra consists of Ela-Marion songs, because the 44-year-old composes and writes all of her songs herself. Music, she says, is her love, … Read more

In the district – work in the day care center should become more attractive – Fürstenfeldbruck

Many cities and municipalities are desperately looking for childcare workers. In the eight urban daycare centers in Fürstenfeldbruck, the personnel situation is tense, but the need for skilled workers has largely been met. In order to continue to ensure this, particularly motivated and qualified visitors to technical academies or vocational schools should be given a … Read more

Tassilo – Music as education for the heart – Fürstenfeldbruck

By Florian J. Haamann, Eichenau Heart formation. Yes, that’s the right word, says Therese Schwarz after a moment’s consideration. The right word to describe what is so important to her in her work as director and founder of the youth wind orchestra of the Eichenauer Musikverein – and why she has been doing this for … Read more

Education in Fürstenfeldbruck – Digital deficits – Fürstenfeldbruck

April 2, 2021, 10:00 p.m. Education in Fürstenfeldbruck:Digital deficits Open detailed view A reality for many students for months: homeschooling. (Photo: Jonas Güttler / dpa) The FDP politicians Ulrich Bode and Matthias Fischbach criticize the minister of education and present their concept for modern teaching By Anna Schorr, Fürstenfeldbruck The Eichenau FDP Bundestag candidate Ulrich … Read more

Alling – Police pick up herding dog – Fürstenfeldbruck

March 22, 2021, 9:36 p.m. Alling:Police pick up herding dog Open detailed view Similarity to a polar bear: herding dog in the police car. (Photo: Police Germering) The big animal is looking for something to eat on a farm in Alling The Germeringer police are known as animal rescuers. Whether it was a snake that … Read more

Digital – education as an antidote to anti-Semitism – Fürstenfeldbruck

The lateral thinkers worry Ludwig Spaenle, the anti-Semitism commissioner of the Bavarian government. Thousands gathered in Munich, applauding the “best bourgeoisie”, the “craziest and most dangerous stuff”. Displeasure and protest against the measures may be justified, but the movement is promoting anti-Semitic tendencies, warned the CSU member of the state parliament at an event held … Read more

Germering – A hairy situation – Fürstenfeldbruck

While people’s hair literally grew over their heads in lockdown and they long for the coming Monday when hairdressers can get them back in shape, their supposed best friend has already got a time head start. For two weeks now, dogs have been able to visit specialists like Karolina Lidke to bathe, blow-dry, pluck and … Read more

Education – furniture back for the return of the students – Fürstenfeldbruck

By Heike A. Batzer, Fürstenfeldbruck This Monday, elementary school students and senior high school graduates will return to the classrooms. Not all of them, of course, because it is up to the individual schools whether they offer face-to-face or alternating lessons. The basis for the decision is whether the schools have enough space so that … Read more

Drama and Music – A Life for Art – Fürstenfeldbruck

By Florian J. Haamann, Grafrath The remnant of a tragedy. This is how the actress and music teacher Godela Orff describes herself in her book about her father. The tragedy is the passionate but short marriage of Carl Orff to the actress Alice Solscher – after only one year there is not much left of … Read more

Look into the local history – money for salvation – Fürstenfeldbruck

In the 9th century, the inhabitants of Markt Bruck were mostly poor people. That is why foundations played an important role, provided they did not only serve the salvation of the soul. Some children only got an education because school fees were paid from such funds, as Gerhard Neumeier researched. In an article in the … Read more