Dogs and humans go into the ring: Europe’s agility greats compete in Emmendingen – Emmendingen

At the agility tournament on the grounds of the dog sports center in Emmendingen, teams from eight countries will start at the weekend. The highlight is the competition on Sunday. The dog sports center in Emmendingen is expecting around 330 starters for the Winterling multi-country competition on Saturday and 250 on Sunday for the Master … Read more

With his ultra gourmet filled croissant, Diego Alary sets TikTok on fire!

For a snack, your heart swings between a sandwich and a salty croissant? Thanks to one of Chef Diego Alary’s latest creations, your hesitation will soon be a thing of the past! On TikTok, the former Top Chef candidate indeed offers a filled croissant like a rather appetizing sandwich. An upgraded variant of ham croissant … Read more

Diego Alary’s red onion tart tatin, a trendy and seasonal recipe

From June, red onions are blooming everywhere on the market stalls. Typically, most gourmets use these red-purple bulbs as a condiment or as an ingredient in a ratatouille. For their part, some cooks do not hesitate to make the red onion the star of the plate. This is the case of Diego Alary, this former … Read more

Christophe Michalak reveals his favorite summer-inspired focaccia recipe

While the inauguration of his bakery Kopain fast approaching, Christophe Michalak continues to delight gourmets with his delicious sweet and savory creations. Recently, the chef officially declared home-made focaccia season open. For the occasion, he shared his ultimate recipe for a pizza-style focaccia with summer flavors. Preparation, ingredients, cooking … We tell you all about … Read more

Animal-shaped macaroons, trendy and cute little cookies to bite into

In France, macaroons are generally considered to be elegant cupcakes, synonymous with refinement. A reputation reinforced by the fine and careful packaging of certain specialists such as the Ladurée® House. But for some time now, these round cookies have gone off the beaten track! On social networks, the macaroons take on the appearance of beavers, … Read more

a new recipe and revisited packaging

For Coca-Cola®, summer promises to be full of new products! After the release of the coffret Jack & Coke in collaboration with Jack Daniel’s®, the american giant is releasing a brand new recipe for summer. Soberly called “Coca-Cola Sans Sucres”, this latest version of Coca Zéro will even be distributed in France during the summer … Read more

Discovering the oven-less yoghurt cake with two ingredients that is a hit on YouTube

Lately, Foodies are having a blast, in terms of quick and easy recipes! On YouTube, the fashion is for preparations with few ingredients and a cooking method that is out of the ordinary. Starting with the Wonderful Oven-less Dessert from Katy, the chef behind the YouTube channel. One Day One Recipe. Building on her success, … Read more

this butter-free, oil-free apple dessert is causing a stir on YouTube!

After the swirl cake, discover the hurricane cake! With this apple dessert, the German gourmet behind the YouTube channel “Last Minute Kitchen” demonstrates that soft desserts are not necessarily high in fat. Indeed, its spiral-shaped cake without butter and oil is particularly tender. Zoom in on this light recipe that is arousing the craze of … Read more

Pierre Gagnaire reveals the recipe for Asterix’s magic potion!

Pierre Gagnaire is one of the sacred monsters of French gastronomy whose Top Chef cooks religiously listen to all advice. With his silver fleece, his white coat and his deep benevolence, this great maestro evokes a great sage of yesteryear who is a bit greedy. In recent weeks, the multi-starred chef has just slipped into … Read more

15 recipe ideas to revisit tabbouleh

No summer without tabbouleh, the most perfect fresh and gourmet recipe of the season. To vary the recipes and change salads, have fun with tabbouleh and enjoy yourself all summer! The purists will tell you that a variant of tabbouleh is no longer a tabbouleh, the curious will hold out the plate to test new … Read more