In Gubkin, on City Day, concerts, activities and exhibitions were organized at all popular venues

Photo: World of Belogorye Gubkin / Oksana Chernykh / 09.18.2023 22:01 Gubkin celebrated his birthday with festive exercises “#Once the Alarm Clock” on the square near the Forum cultural development center. After the sports marathon, the head of the district administration, Mikhail Lobaznov, addressed the townspeople. “By historical standards, 84 years is not a long … Read more

Concerts and Masterclass with the flamenco artist Juan Parrilla

October 20 he presents his show “Herencia”. October 23, 24 and 25 Masterclass and October 26 concert with students who have completed the Masterclass. In this 2023 edition, the flamenco autumn in Alcalá de Guadaíra features the great artist and creative music teacher, Juan Parrilla, who will offer the ‘Herencia’ concert on October 20 at … Read more

Police Arrest 28-year-old Woman for Animal Cruelty and Death Threats

The Sherbrooke Police Department [SPS] had to deal with a case of animal cruelty late Wednesday afternoon. A 28-year-old woman was arrested. Around 3 p.m., the police went to a home on Thomas Evans Street, east of Sherbrooke. They were alerted by a call mentioning a cat drowned in a bath. Our police officers intervened … Read more

The Legacy of Sarasate: Piano Concert with Laura Ballestrino

In collaboration with the program «AIEnRuta-Clásicos». Laura Ballestrino (Madrid, 2000) is a Spanish pianist and composer. She has toured, given concerts and participated in important festivals throughout Spain, including some of the most relevant venues in the country, and also abroad. Her career as a classical performer is combined with her role as a composer. … Read more

16 Yorkshire Terriers Seized from Breeder in North Okanagan Due to Deplorable Conditions: SPCA Takes Action

The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has seized 16 Yorkshire terriers from a breeder in the North Okanagan due to the deplorable conditions they were living in. The seizure took place on Friday thanks to the report of a member of the public, says the SPCA. The dogs, who … Read more


September 12 San Pedro Cholula, Puebla.- Continuing with the second week of artistic events at the Cholula 2023 Fair, the administration headed by Municipal President Paola Angon continues to promote the municipality as a reference destination to enjoy, within the framework of national holidays, so This Tuesday attendees were able to have fun with the … Read more

University of Tokyo and NPO Collaborate to Establish Inclusive Education in Japan

Also read >> “A shameful act for a country that is a party to the treaty.” Request for education for children with disabilities in accordance with UN recommendations ⇒ What is the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s response? The University of Tokyo and the certified NPO “DPI Nippon Kaigi”, an organization of … Read more

Major concert to mark the 50th anniversary of the Voix d’Acadie ensemble

A new season is starting for the Voix d’Acadie ensemble and this one will be special, because this year the French-speaking choir from the Halifax region is celebrating its fiftieth year of existence. A big anniversary concert named 50 years old, still alive will be presented as part of Francofest 2023, the evening of October … Read more

Megane Super Overcharged Local Governments by Over 9 Million Yen: 2,700 Cases Found in 10 Years

The operating company of the eyeglass chain “Megane Super” announced that it had overcharged local governments by about 9 million yen for eyeglasses to be paid to welfare recipients. [Video]Megane Super overcharges local government by about 9 million yen In May, the operating company of Meganesupa was found to have charged local governments higher prices … Read more

Luxurious Meals for Animals at a Poor Zoo: How Local Efforts Make it Possible

Animals eating extravagant meals at zoos are drawing attention on the internet. [Video]Animals chomping and eating fruit Kusatsu Tropical Zone, a zoo and botanical garden located in Kusatsu Onsen, Gunma Prefecture, posted on SNS, “Why can animals eat luxurious meals even in a poor zoo?” We asked the zookeeper about the reason why the zoo … Read more