“Dog food culture” disappearing in South Korea, “summer nourishing food” in North Korea? The boundary between food culture and animal welfare | International | ABEMA TIMES

What is “Bosintang”, a hot pot dish using dog meat? »» The Korean Peninsula has a culture of “dog food” for a long time. However, as the number of people who keep dogs as pets is increasing in South Korea and the interest in animal welfare is increasing, the government has started discussions on the … Read more

22-year-old popular female YouTuber confesses to pay off 10 million yen in debt of family and brother Chihara Junia “What are you doing with your brother?” | Topic | ABEMA TIMES

On YouTuber, model Sowanwan (22) confessed that he had recently paid off his debt. There was one act in which the comedian Chihara Junia said, “What are you doing with your brother?” [Video]”I have paid off 10 million debts” shocking confession Sowan Sowan, who appeared on ABEMA’s “ABEMA News Show” on the 5th, said at … Read more

Corpoelec presents Electro Cuento at the Algelia Laya Initial Education Center in San Bernardino

The Electro Tale of the National Electricity Corporation (Corpoelec), a practical and fun way to teach about the conscious use of electricity, was presented at the Initial Education Center of the National Assembly “Simoncito Argelia Laya”, located in the parish San Bernardino of Caracas. According to Prensa Corpoelec, the activity was carried out by the … Read more

[Steam]”The Good Life” Review Slow life at will in “the happiest town in the world” full of cats, dogs and mysteries! –Akiba Research Institute

How are you doing at Akiba Research Institute? This is Nero Hyakukabe, a writer who buys too many games. Suddenly, do you all have a longing for country life? Needless to say, the countryside has its own difficulties, but even so, modern people who are chased by time and have dreams of a slow-life world … Read more

Concerts of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Red Banner Northern Fleet took place in the Kirov Palace of Culture – News of Murmansk and the region

On the eve of the Kirov Palace, concerts of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Red Banner Northern Fleet took place. The artists gather their audience every five years, but last year the tradition had to be broken. During this period, the collective twice became the owner of the grand prix of the All-Russian … Read more

Regret of a man in his 50s who was “restructuring” a sports newspaper “If you escaped while you were a little younger …” | Economy / IT | ABEMA TIMES

Anguish of the parties and the “real intention” of the company » “On the surface, I said” early and voluntary retirement, “but I think it’s” restructuring. “When I thought the newspaper wasn’t good, I should have given up on the company. I strongly think. “ Kenji Kida (50s, pseudonym), who worked as a sales position … Read more

[Kanagawa University Athletics Club Ekiden Team]Uniform sponsor decision report and information on the 98th Hakone Ekiden entry member joint interview | Kanagawa University

Kanagawa University Athletics Club Ekiden Team’s uniform sponsor decision report and uniform debut and entry to participate in the 98th Tokyo Hakone Round-Trip University Ekiden Race “Hakone Ekiden” to be held on January 2nd and 3rd, 2022 We will carry out joint coverage online for members of the press. Implementation outline[Sunday]December 12, 2021 (Sun) 13: … Read more

DVD “Gaze to Calligraphy-Book of Daito Bunka University-” Sales and Correspondence Course | News Notice | Daito Bunka University

News Notice December 01, 2021 About sales and correspondence course of DVD “Gaze to calligraphy-Daito Bunka University calligraphy-“ Overview <!– –> Daito Bunka University is focusing on calligraphy education and has listed calligraphy as one of its educational brands. For that reason, it has been called “The Great East of the Book” since ancient times. … Read more

AKB48 / Yui Yokoyama reports that the graduation concert has ended “Thank you for the time like a treasure!” | Topic | ABEMA TIMES

Yui Yokoyama of AKB48 updated her Twitter on November 27th. He reported that he had finished his graduation concert “Yui Yokoyama Graduation Concert-Riding on a Midnight Bus-” on the 27th, and has received a lot of feedback. [Video]Yui Yokoyama will appear as a guest in the first episode! “Yukirin Presents AKB48 ONLINE FAN MEETING” Yokoyama … Read more

Cayapa Animal Protein Plan advances in the distribution of food in the national territory

The Cayapa Animal Protein Plan benefited more than 3,000 families from the Valles de Juncalito Socialist Missions Base, located in the Libertador municipality of Carabobo state, who were assisted in the deployment of the Soberano Field Fair, promoted by the Bolivarian Government. The information was published by Mercados de Alimentos CA (Mercal) through its Twitter … Read more