“Skateboard-Crazy Chihuahua Gets Confused on Uphill Ride”

A dog who usually rides a skateboard that is as big as his body is confused on Instagram because he can’t skate well. [Video]Skateboard doesn’t move forward… Chihuahua with “confused face” A video of Chihuahua Koge-chan (2 years old) riding a skateboard brilliantly and looking up at the camera. She has high absorption and athletic … Read more

Newspaper La Opinion de Parchment

On June 2 at 8:00 p.m. there will be the opening concert of the 2023 cycle in the Deliberative Council, on the top floor of the Pergamino Municipal Palace. Firstly, the Conservatory’s Stable Orchestra will perform, which will interpret the Argentine National Anthem, (Blas Parera); “Rondo”, (Henry Purcell); “Baroque Fanfare” (Jean Mouret); “Waltz No. 2”, … Read more

A rare medical condition in an Armor schoolboy limits his eating plan to 13 grams of protein a day – Armor I

At to start with look, 11-12 months-old Dara Cassidy from Armagh seems to be like any other little boy. Even so, a 7th quality university student at St. Malachys Elementary College has a ailment acknowledged as phenylketonuria (PKU for limited), which was identified at delivery by going through a heel prick exam. “Two times afterwards … Read more

Tenchimu Shares Thoughts on Love, Marriage, and Childbirth: Living with Animalistic Instincts?

YouTuber’sTenchimu (29) revealed his thoughts on love, marriage and childbirth. [Video]Tenchimu’s beautiful body in a dress Tenchimu posted on his Twitter on the 25th. “Love = Marriage = Childbirth is something I feel uncomfortable about, and I’m looking for love → sexuality, childbirth → I don’t need romantic feelings, so good genes + child support, … Read more

“Dog’s Surprised Expression Goes Viral as He Finds Himself in the Hospital”

Video: Dog finds himself in hospital A dog brought to the hospital. When he realized where he was, his “surprised expression” was praised on Twitter, saying, “It’s so expressive and really cute” and “I only noticed it when I got to the hospital…”. Video: Dog finds himself in hospital The owner (@onigirry) of the dog … Read more

Meet the Singing Dog Who Pretends to Yawn: A Viral Sensation on Twitter

[Video]A singing dog pretending to yawn relax for dogsA dog that barks when music is played. The appearance of the dog pretending to yawn and sing has been praised on Twitter, saying, “You’re so good” and “It’s so cute that I want to bark even here.” [Video]A singing dog pretending to yawn The owner of … Read more

Li Haoshi Investigated for Insulting the People’s Soldiers: Political Loyalty in China

Li Haoshi (Source: Weibo Pictures) [Look at China, May 24, 2023]Recently, Li Haoshi, an actor of China Xiaoguo Culture Company, was reported and investigated by the police for his talk show performance involving the so-called “insulting the people’s soldiers”. Some scholars pointed out that the phenomenon of reporting has a long history in previous political … Read more

New without bathrooms at concerts

burgosnoticias.com | 20/05/2023 – 20:40h. It is not the first time that readers of our digital and residents of the Plaza Santa Teresa area have complained about the lack of portable toilets when events, concerts and activities are scheduled in the Paseo Sierra de Atapuerca area. There were already complaints about the past major festivals … Read more