Olympiapark Munich: That’s what the Pfingsttheatron 2023 was like – Munich

“No, no!” calls a paramedic. “Don’t do it!” yells her colleague. But the singer Futurbae, who is on the stage of the amphitheater in the Olympic Park on Sunday evening, cannot hear her. The stone steps are packed, hundreds of people flocked to the second day of the Munich Whitsun Theatron to listen to free … Read more

Munich: Atrin Madani in the Night Club – Munich

Badoom, badoom turns the dull snare heartbeat into a soft crooning piano. Just take the speed out of this number, it works perfectly – and still basically retains the feeling of “Everybody’s Talkin’”, the song that Harry Nilsson and especially the film “Asphalt Cowboy” made famous at the end of the 60s. When they have … Read more

Königsplatz in Munich: First Mötley Crüe and Def Leppard, then Peter Gabriel – Munich

The Corona-plagued concert organizers demanded more exercise in the fresh air – they particularly wanted more time on the magnificent, spacious and central Munich Königsplatz. As an exception, the city then granted them three days of play on the usual three concert weekends for 2023. The organizers, however, do not use this at all, only … Read more

Munich: Frei.Wild sing about home love in the Olympic Hall – Munich

“Anyone who doesn’t feel like a woman, or as diverse or meanwhile …” – Frei.Wild singer Philipp Burger takes an artificial break – “as a squirrel, sit down now!” The Olympiahalle cheers, finally someone who takes this gender stuff on the shovel! The evening is only a few songs old, but the South Tyrolean German … Read more

Keno from “Moop Mama” plays songs from the solo album in the Milla – Munich

open me up Behind this sentence could be the desire for a mental or emotional opening. But it could also be the short form of “I’m getting up”. In any case, that’s the name of the first solo single by Keno Langbein, who is known as the singer of the Munich urban brass band Mop … Read more

“Controversial Freie Dorfschule Lübeck Defends Itself Against Allegations and Ministry Closure”

Lübeck (dpa) – The Freie Dorfschule Lübeck, which has come under criticism, is defending itself against allegations and the closure of the facility by the Ministry of Education. The facility has never violated the concept approved by the ministry in 2015, said headmistress Andrea Buchholz on Tuesday. She viewed the revocation of the approval of … Read more

Munich: Open Airs on the Königsplatz with Peter Gabriel and Kiss – Munich

Around the Roger Waters concert, there was once again a heated discussion about which musicians are officially welcome in Munich. Despite his anti-Israel statements, which were unwelcome by many people, the city was able to see the appearance of the Pink Floyd– co-founders not even prevent on their own grounds, due to a lack of … Read more

Criticism of Roger Waters in Munich’s Olympiahalle: Just not a normal concert – Munich

Even before his controversial appearance in Munich, “Pink Floyd” co-founder Roger Waters whispers about the presence of “Big Brother”. And even in the Olympic Hall it shows that it’s just not a normal concert. A fan from Austria is definitely wrong on this evening. “It’s a normal concert, it’s fun,” he bugged a demonstrator from … Read more

Munich: Andreas Gabalier on mega concerts in Riem and homophobia allegations – Munich

Andreas Gabalier will appear on Friday – and has already announced the next stadium concert in Munich next year. A conversation about the mega concerts in Riem, homophobia allegations against him and the criticism of Roger Waters’ performance on Sunday in the Olympic Stadium. This man is unstoppable. At most briefly by an incorrectly set … Read more

“Municipal Music School Honors Outstanding Students with Intra-School Scholarship”

The two large municipal music schools in the Ebersberg district are there for everyone. For young and old, from beginners to advanced, and of course also for the very special talents on the instrument. The support association of the Vaterstetten music school has now honored a few of these outstanding students for the first time: … Read more