Pokémon and the NHK Symphony Orchestra will hold a special concert for the Pokémon series on August 10th! |gamebiz

Pokemon will hold a special concert with a full orchestra on August 10th with the cooperation of Japan’s leading orchestra “NHK Symphony Orchestra (N Symphony Orchestra)”. For children who like Pokemon, Pokemon fans, and people who like classical music, including fans of the NHK Symphony Orchestra, we will perform familiar songs from the game “Pocket … Read more

PGMT Releases Healing Idle Simulation Game “Dreamy Land-Let’s Play, Animal Friends-” on May 25th | gamebiz

PGMT announced today (May 12) that it will release a healing idle simulation game “Dreamy Land ~Let’s play with your friends~ (Drill Run)” on May 25th. In addition, as the number of pre-registrants has exceeded 300,000, it has been decided that all players will receive a “Limited Nameplate ‘Rakuen’ x 1, Diamond x 20, Shuttle … Read more

[Interview]For creators who will be responsible for the future game and entertainment industry … Cygames game creator scholarship program launched What is the background and thoughts of its launch | gamebiz

Cygames announced on March 9th the “Cygames Game Creator Scholarship Program”. This system is designed to support university students who aspire to become game creators in the future, as well as university students who want to boost the entertainment industry. It is said that the yen will be paid. In addition, programs such as tours … Read more

Cygames to start “Cygames Game Creator Scholarship Program” in 2024 to support college students who aspire to be game creators | gamebiz

Cygames has announced that it will start the “Cygames Game Creator Scholarship Program” from 2024 as a system to support college students who aspire to be game creators. ■System Outline The “Cygames Game Creator Scholarship Program” provides first- and second-year university students who aim to play an active role in the game creators and entertainment … Read more

PICO partners with Wave to launch a virtual concert series The first will be the Calvin Harris Experience | gamebiz

PICO has partnered with virtual entertainment giant Wave to create and deliver a series of immersive 3D concert experiences featuring world-famous artists. The partnership will take place at the Calvin Harris Experience, a premier virtual concert event on Saturday, January 14, 2023 at 20:00 (Japan time). The event will be streamed in regions where PICO’s … Read more

Roblox will hold a special concert with Mariah Carey on December 22nd on the world-famous Metaverse “Roblox”! |gamebiz

Roblox will hold a limited-time event “Mariah Carey Winter Wonderland” with world-famous singer Mariah Carey on “Roblox” on December 22nd at 9:00 am (Japan time) on the 3D immersive experience “Livetopia”. announced. Additional performances will also be held on December 23rd, 24th, and 25th from 9:00 am. Mariah Carey is a project centered on a … Read more