Schools – Hamburg – School authorities reduced student subscriptions in HVV – Education from August

Hamburg (dpa / lno) – From the coming school year, Hamburg’s pupils should get to school much cheaper by bus and train. The school authority pays a monthly allowance of 12.50 euros per main card, so that a student subscription in the Hamburg AB area, which covers Hamburg and neighboring communities, costs only 30 euros … Read more

A sign! St. Georgi appeared over Plovdiv

Photo: Spotted in Plovdiv. The people of Plovdiv saw a great sign in the appearance of St. George in the sky of the city. The moment was caught on June 20 and quickly went viral on social media. A cloud depicting the saint warrior on horseback floats in the clouds. It is best seen to … Read more

Experts assessed Putin’s initiatives at the United Russia congress

What Putin proposed at the United Russia congress – In 2021, launch a special program for the development of the medical rehabilitation system, calculated until 2026, and allocate at least 100 billion rubles for it; – Prepare a special school overhaul program for the next five years, with an emphasis on rural schools; – Allocate … Read more

Candidate, how does it work? – Youth represents youth in NRW

Switch to simple language. Enable audio support. A sign language video is displayed. Candidate, how does it work? What do you actually have to do to participate in JvJ NRW? Do you want to stand up for children and young people who live in residential groups and are there any issues that you want to … Read more

“Attorney Ki Sung-yong suddenly resigns” – The Herald Business

[연합] [헤럴드경제=김우영 기자] The lawyer who defended Ki Sung-yong, who was accused of sexually assaulting his juniors in elementary school, suddenly resigned. According to Ki Sung-yong’s agency C2 Global on the 19th, lawyer Song Sang-yeop (law firm Seopyeong) suddenly resigned on the 17th on the 17th, saying that it would be unreasonable to proceed with … Read more

“Lee Bong-ju, successful surgery for incurable disease…”I will show you how to run” – The Herald Business

[헤럴드경제=김우영 기자] ‘National Marathon Runner’ Lee Bong-ju is known to have overcame the nervous system disease ‘dystonia’. On the 18th, Lee Bong-ju’s agency ‘Run Korea’ announced through a YouTube broadcast that Lee Bong-ju had undergone surgery to remove a ‘spinal arachnoid cyst’ at a university hospital in Seoul on the 7th and is currently recovering. … Read more

Adrenaline Stadium club was sealed for the second time in Moscow :: Society :: RBC

Фото: adrenaline_stadium / VK In Moscow, Rospotrebnadzor employees sealed the Adrenaline Stadium club, a club representative told RBC. As reported on the website of the Rospotrebnadzor administration in the capital, an administrative case was initiated against Adrenaline Stadium under Part 2 of Art. 6.3 of the Administrative Code (violation of legislation in the field of … Read more

Adriana Guillén’s column on education in the country – Columnists – Opinion

We are living one of the most challenging moments, not only due to the situation generated by the pandemic that has shown the enormous social and economic gaps, but also due to the moment of citizen mobilizations that demand structural changes. Transforming our society and generating development, thus reducing inequalities and poverty, is the great … Read more

Online shopping: How do I pay securely with PayPal & Co.?

Paying online has become almost indispensable in the past year and a half. Because in times of Corona you could not simply do many purchases in the store, others maybe not at all. Ordering online was practically always possible. From books, we all know it, to the refrigerator, to the delivery of groceries. And because … Read more

Sudden Cardiac Death – How Great is the Risk and What to Do?

The shock was deep, in front of an audience of millions it was suddenly no longer about the most important minor matter in the world, but about the main thing, life. We often see professional footballers only as professionals who have to function, who have goals, a career and a lot of money. But even … Read more