[Interview]For creators who will be responsible for the future game and entertainment industry … Cygames game creator scholarship program launched What is the background and thoughts of its launch | gamebiz

Cygames announced on March 9th the “Cygames Game Creator Scholarship Program”. This system is designed to support university students who aspire to become game creators in the future, as well as university students who want to boost the entertainment industry. It is said that the yen will be paid. In addition, programs such as tours … Read more

GUS Germany GmbH offers scholarships for earthquake victims from Turkey and Syria

15.03.2023 – 11:32 GUS Germany GmbH Berlin (ots) German educational institutions: University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Berlin School of Business and Innovation and GISMA University of Applied Sciences award scholarships to earthquake victims from Turkey and Syria The scholarship covers the entire tuition fees for the start of studies in 2023/24 The aim is … Read more

Missed opportunity: education summit without Citizens Council Education and Learning

15.03.2023 – 16:09 Citizens’ Council for Education and Learning Bonn (ots) When politicians debate crises and their supposed solutions, citizens are usually not asked. Like numerous other civil society groups, the Citizens’ Council for Education and Learning was not invited to the federal government’s education summit. “It’s really a shame,” says Florian Daumüller, a member … Read more

Education – golf instead of racing car: education summit discusses problems – education

Berlin (dpa) – A lack of teachers, elementary school students who cannot read and calculate properly, school dropouts, upheavals caused by digitization – the education system is under great pressure. In Berlin, educational politicians, trade union, teacher and student representatives as well as scientists and representatives of civil society discussed the problems. The Federal Ministry … Read more

Education – education summit in Berlin: criticism even before the end – education

Berlin (dpa) – Representatives of politics, science and civil society are coming together in Berlin today for an “education summit”. The traffic light parties had agreed to a meeting under this title in their coalition agreement. The conference should deal with fundamental problems in education policy. However, the event has already been criticized in advance. … Read more

Cygames to start “Cygames Game Creator Scholarship Program” in 2024 to support college students who aspire to be game creators | gamebiz

Cygames has announced that it will start the “Cygames Game Creator Scholarship Program” from 2024 as a system to support college students who aspire to be game creators. ■System Outline The “Cygames Game Creator Scholarship Program” provides first- and second-year university students who aim to play an active role in the game creators and entertainment … Read more

📝 Editorial: Strengthening the fight against wild animal crime | Environment

Hanoi (VNA) – Relevant Vietnamese bodies have identified the illegal consumption and trade of wildlife samples as one of the serious challenges to biodiversity conservation. Therefore, a series of actions aimed at combating, preventing and reducing the demand for consumption of wild animals and their products has been implemented. According to Do Quang Tung, director … Read more

When Does a Diet regime Come to be Harmful?The Line Concerning Weight loss plans and Ingesting Problems

It can appear tricky to tell the difference among diet and disability, but recognizing the indicators and modifying your conduct can have an impression on your extensive-term health and fitness and that of your loved kinds. This is the big difference. Dieting is the mindful change of ingesting behavior to realize a wished-for figure or … Read more

One dead dog poisoned, another is serious. The mayor closes the Ghisallo park pending checks

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Risk of poverty study – Hans-Böckler-Foundation

Source: Stephan Pramme Service current Education: Poverty Risk Studies Who can still afford to study at the moment? This is becoming increasingly difficult for many, especially for those who come from socially disadvantaged families. Ralf Richter demands that there is urgent time for comprehensive political initiatives. [20.2.2023] The latest figures from the Federal Statistical Office … Read more