The poster of the toads The origin: where you saw the cast of the Netflix series before | Actors | Movies and series | nnda nnlt | CHEKA

“El Cartel de los Sapos: El origen”, a Colombian series by Netflix and Caracol TV, is set in two timelines, which start from the 50s to the 80s and revolves around the Villegas brothers, heads of the feared Cali cartel. The fiction shot entirely outside of Cali and Bogotá reveals for the first time, the … Read more

La reina del flow 2 Chapter 10: Yeimy’s first song and Irma’s doubts | Netflix soap operas | FAME

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. In the tenth chapter of the second season “The queen of flowDespite the insistence of Mike Rivera, Charly refuses to start a war against the Surround Vibes production company, however, the launch of Yeimy Montoya as a singer changes the situation. MORE INFORMATION: When will “La reina del flow” 2 be available … Read more

See La reina del flow 2 ONLINE LIVE via Caracol TV and Netflix: how and at what time to watch season 2 LIVE on the complete Internet | Snail Play | Colombia | Argentina | Spain | Peru | FAME

The second season of “The queen of flow”Is already underway. After a long wait, fans of Yeimy Montoya and Charly Flow can enjoy the new episodes of this great story, starting on Monday, April 26, 2021, a couple of months after finishing the recordings in Colombia amid the pandemic. of COVID-19. MORE INFORMATION: Absolutely everything … Read more

Pasión de gavilanes: the challenges that Natasha Klauss faced during the recordings | FAME

“Passion of Hawks”Is one of the most successful Colombian soap operas of all time, to the point that almost 20 years after its premiere it is still fondly remembered by an audience that was captivated by the love story of the Elizondo sisters and the Reyes brothers. MORE INFORMATION: Why did Natasha Klauss cry when … Read more

Caracol TV signal LIVE La Reina del Flow 2: at what time and how to see the premiere of chapter 1 in Colombia

See here Caracol TV signal LIVE | The first season of La reina del flow achieved several positive reviews from the audience. Following its success, the Emmy Award-winning series returns to Snail Television with new episodes. Apparently at the premiere, Yeimy Montoya (Ramírez) will meet again with Charly cruz (Carlos Torres), who is currently in … Read more

Colombian won a scholarship course for NASA and seeks support

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Daniela Álvarez returns to Colombian television

Getty Images Daniela alvarez Former Miss Colombia and Cartagena, Daniela Álvarez, a warrior of life, returns to Colombian television to work in the entertainment strip of the local channel, Caracol, with her extreme 2021 program “Desafío The Box”. This woman worthy representative of courage and bravery will once again be one of the presenters of … Read more