Meeting to present the improvements of scholarship holders of R+D+i Agency projects

Among the points that were discussed were the new regulations, the expansion of health coverage, increases in stipends, a new extension for scholarship holders affected by the pandemic and that the call for Federal Mobility is still open. The new regulation for scholarship holders of Agency projects incorporates the right to leave for maternity, paternity, … Read more

The Ministry of Education delivered in one week more than 29 thousand netbooks in 357 schools

Between June 21 and 24, the educational portfolio distributed a total of 29,085 netbooks in 357 schools in the 24 jurisdictions. “We decided that all the girls and all the boys in the public high school have a computer to study, to learn, but also to play, write, meet, express themselves, they are to make … Read more

CCOO transfers to the Minister of Education its proposals for the recognition of the staff of the educational centers in the next budgets

The general secretary of the CCOO CLM Federation of Education, Ana Delgado, and the general secretary of CCOO CLM, Paco de la Rosa, held a meeting this morning with the Regional Government Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Rosana Rodríguez, a meeting in which the union has been able to present its concerns for the … Read more

Montiel and Santa Cruz de los Cáñamos bring together 2,500 people with the Provincial Council Concerts

Some 2,500 people participated this weekend in “The ‘Concerts in Emblematic Spaces and Places’ that were held in the towns of Montiel and Santa Cruz de los Cáñamos. ‘Social Security’ and ‘Andy and Lucas’, respectively, were the protagonists along with the local groups ‘Maldito Matas’ and ‘Best Kallaos’ and they entertained the large audience that … Read more

The Ministry of Education summons young people from secondary schools to present artistic productions on rights

The call for the presentation of productions is open until August 15, 2022, there is no limit to the number of participants per project and different forms of grouping will be accepted (full course, small groups within the same course, two students, groups of students from different courses/years, student centres). For more information: Entering … Read more

Education held the first cabinet meeting in charge of the recent Minister Nuñez

“The intention was to bring the cabinet together, share impressions, start working with its members on the situation in each of the areas. We believe that it has been a prudent time to get to know the technical teams of the Secretariats and Undersecretaries. We met to define the next lines of work and organize … Read more

Hohenlohe 4 Talents the second, Hohenlohe Plus e. V., press release

On Thursday 14 July 2022 the time has finally come: The “Hohenlohe 4 Talents Pitch Day” enters the second round. Five start-up finalists from different economic, technological or urban areas will present their innovative and exciting business ideas live to a top-class jury on this day in order to get the coveted “Hohenlohe 4 Talents … Read more

The Ministry of Education of the Nation was present at the III World Conference on Higher Education

The III World Conference on Higher Education was held between May 18 and 20 and brought together all relevant actors with the aim of defining and preparing a new roadmap that responds to the challenges faced by humanity and the planet, with special attention to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on educational systems. The … Read more

Jaime Perczyk led the III Ministerial Meeting of Education of CELAC

In the declaration issued at the end of the meeting, the highest educational authorities in the region agreed to “guarantee efforts to achieve universal access for girls, boys, adolescents and young people to the educational system, promoting their permanence and graduation, with the necessary expansion of enrollment, at all educational levels and modalities”. Likewise, the … Read more

Alberto Fernández and Jaime Perczyk were present at the opening of the Meeting of Ministers of Education of Latin America and the Caribbean

“Equal to learn should be a slogan for all of Latin America and the Caribbean,” said President Alberto Fernández. For his part, Education Minister Perczyk said: “Education is one of the most important ways to achieve greater social justice, emancipation and liberation of human beings, and to transform our societies.” He stressed that “the challenges … Read more