Recipe: Japanese Almond Cookies

If something cannot be missing from kitchen cabinets, it is cookies. There are a wide variety of recipes to make cookies of different flavors and preparing them as a family is a good pastime. This time we will show you what you need to create some Japanese-style almond cookies. Almonds are good for the heart, … Read more

Instant ramen: A delicious and viral recipe that you can make at home

Social media has popularized a number of sweet and savory recipes in recent times. Each of them have a special meaning and that is that they are delicious and very easy to prepare at home. For this reason, instant Ramen could not be left out, since in addition to being widely consumed by those who … Read more

Recipe: Fish Fillet Fried in the Air Fryer

Ingredients for two people 1 pound of white fish fillet (corvina)ShallBlack pepperFlour1 beaten egg2 tablespoons bread crumbs1 teaspoon of the seasoning of your choice4 lemon slices to serve Preparation Season the fish on both sides with salt and pepper. Cover the fish with flour, egg and finally the breadcrumbs until well coated. Put the fish … Read more

Recipe: Tail stewed in red wine

Stewed tail is a delicious dish to cook in a slow cooker or crock pot for several hours at low temperature, this to get a soft and juicy meat. Cooking time 6 hours (low) Portion: Makes 4-5 Ingredients 1 veal tail, chopped 2 red onions 1 carrot 1 bay leaf 1/2 liter of red wine … Read more

Recipe: Corn sorullitos with guava paste and cream cheese

Our collaborator Vanessa Virella, creator of the blog I am a diaspora, teaches us how to make delicious Corn Sorullitos in two versions. These famous Boricuas fritters can serve as an appetizer for your meetings, an aperitif in a full dinner, breakfast for the family, in short, however you want to eat them. Here are … Read more

Recipe: Eggplant Parmigiana in the style of Gourmet Pelao

Before I always used mozzarella cheese, but lately I use provolone and I love the result. As for the cheese to be used, I recommend not using the cheapest or the most expensive. If you use authentic Parmigiano Reggiano the cost of your recipe will increase dramatically. Cheap brands of grated cheese aren’t too bad, … Read more

Recipe: Baked Bean Dip

For the nights when you need a dip As a companion to a series, we share one that you will love. In fact, you can share it with up to 10 people. Although, it is not advisable to meet with so many people because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can invite your family and friends … Read more