Arrested with a rifle, his dog attacks that of the police, who shoot the animal at

Sunday November 13, 2022, around 2 a.m., the police were alerted: a hooded man would be in the Hauts de Rouen (Seine-Maritime), in possession of a weapon, reports The Anti-Crime Squad and the Dog Squad go to the scene and find the man described by the witness, hiding a small caliber rifle under a … Read more

Concerts, balls, tightrope walking, picnics… Highlights of the River Festival and Rouen sur mer

Slackline world record holder Nathan Paulin above the Seine, concerts, water sports… The quays of Rouen come alive again for the summer with the 2nd edition of the River Festival, from July 1 to 3 2022, followed by the Rouen sur mer meeting, from July 7 to August 8. Focus on the highlights of these … Read more