The number of young scientists-scholarship holders has doubled

In 2023, the number of young scientists receiving scholarships from the government of the Novosibirsk Region will double in the region. The scope of fundamental research projects will also increase. In the Novosibirsk region in 2022, the number of government scholarship holders was 10 people. This year, the number of young scientists who will receive … Read more

Fireworks, concerts and poems: how the Defender of the Fatherland Day was celebrated in the Leningrad Region

Yesterday, February 23, Russia celebrated the main men’s holiday. The Leningrad region celebrated the Defender of the Fatherland Day on a grand scale. The governor of the 47th region, Alexander Drozdenko, congratulated all those involved in the holiday and wished the soldiers at the front a speedy return home. The press service of the regional … Read more

Animal Welfare Directorate will carry Comprehensive Animal Welfare Day to the Zamora de Hermosillo ejido

Previous Next Social comunication News 30 January 2023 Seen: 4 The State Commission for Ecology and Sustainable Development (Cedes), through the Directorate for Animal Protection and Welfare and in collaboration with the Secretary of Social Development of the State of Sonora (Sedesson), invited this coming Tuesday, January 31, to the Integral Day of Animal Welfare … Read more

Traffic police: on the roads of the region at night and in the morning the formation of icy and snow run is possible – News of Kaliningrad

The State traffic inspectorate of the Kaliningrad region warns drivers and pedestrians about the possibility of ice and snow rolling on the roads of the region. The information is posted in the department’s telegram channel. “According to weather forecasts, in the Kaliningrad region at night and in the morning of January 17, mixed precipitation and … Read more

wild boars and dogs, the most common victims

The progressive abandonment of the rural environment, the lack of population control of some hunting species and the effect of the pandemic, which has caused animals to lose their fear and enter urban areas, has caused a significant increase in the presence of animals in the vicinity of roads in which, until a few years … Read more

A service dog helped find a Ugra woman lost in the rain in the dark

14:19 19.08.2022 398 views Photo: SurgutInform-TV archive In the dark and in the rain, police officers with a service dog were looking for the missing Ugra woman. The scent did not disappoint the four-legged assistant – the lost one was found and returned home. The rescue story was told in the press service of the Ministry … Read more

A dog from Novosibirsk left the city on its own for Barabinsk | Animals – Novosibirsk region

A story worthy of a film adaptation happened to a Novosibirsk dog named Elka. The dog jumped into the train and left for Barabinsk. Elka and her owners live near the Novosibirsk-Glavny railway station. On June 8, the dog ran out of the house, got to the station and jumped into the train. In it, … Read more