at the Padua hospital the extraordinary combined heart-kidney multiple surgery

A world first: cardiac surgeons, urologists and anesthetists plan and perform a combined multiple surgery that is unprecedented in the literature. Surgical interventions In fact, the execution of two different surgeries in two different times was scheduled, at a distance of only six days from each other: Removal of kidney tumor with robotic surgery with … Read more

This got good and the Cup hasn’t started – Sponsored Content

In the middle of the debate that was generated in recent days as a result of the statements of the Argentine national team exporter Sergio Goycochea in a sports program of international diffusion (from which he ended up withdrawing annoyed), in which he affirmed that the Albiceleste will arrive better ‘stop ‘That Colombia to the … Read more

René Quinton Foundation celebrates the First Ibero-American Congress of Integrative Medicine and Marine Therapy

The congress will take place on June 11 and 12 in online format and will bring together 19 health professionals through 6 presentations, 6 workshop talks and an interactive round table that will deal with different current topics on Integrative Medicine and Marine Therapy/ COMMUNICATE / The congress will take place on June 11 and … Read more