How relationships have changed in the pandemic

How relationships have changed in the pandemic Contact restrictions, vaccinations and always new political decisions – not a day goes by that is not about Corona. In the media as well as in the personal conversations of many of our listeners. Due to distance requirements and curfews, social contacts in particular are different than they … Read more

Shalom Aleikum: How Israel and Morocco are coming closer | – news

Broadcast: NDR info background | 03/15/2021 | 8:35 pm | by Benjamin Hammer – Dunja Sadaqi 25 Min | Available until March 15th, 2022 Israel is beginning to open up politically to individual Arab states. Israel does not have such close ties with any other Arabic-speaking country as it does with North African Morocco. Unlike … Read more

How Corona changes friendships | World | DW

The 17-year-old Anna Schmidt * met a lot with friends before the Corona crisis – her clique includes seven girls who have known each other for years. Now everything is different: Instead of spending time with each other in person, chatting, going shopping or celebrating, the young people exchange ideas on social media. The school … Read more