Luna’s “Bloody Red Velvet” Recipe

Luna really wanted to be one of the best in the MasterChef Junior 8 repechage so she could return to her favorite kitchens. The applicant prepared a red velvet cake with all her affection for some very peculiar diners to taste. Enjoy cooking this “Bloody Red Velvet” cake! These are the ingredients and the steps … Read more

Wendy returns to the Red Velvet stage for the first time in a year and moves fans | Sergey | Irene | Yeri

[Epoch Times January 01, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin compiled a report) The online concert “SMTOWN LIVE “Culture Humanity”, co-starred by SM Entertainment’s artists, was broadcast on multiple platforms this afternoon. Among them, Wendy (Sun Chengwan), who was injured in an accident during rehearsal at the end of 2018, returned to the Red Velvet … Read more

“2 days left” from TVXQ to SuperM! Announcing the song “SMTOWN LIVE” … Expectations for a gorgeous stage –Kstyle

Photo = SM Entertainment On January 1st next year, the online concert “SMTOWN LIVE” will be held worldwide for free. “SMTOWN LIVE” Culture Humanity “” will be available from 1:00 pm (Korean time standard) on January 1, 2021, including the “Beyond LIVE” channel of NAVER’s live video distribution app “V LIVE”, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. … Read more

“SMTOWN LIVE” online concert, highlights released = “on parade of hit songs” │ Korean music K-POP │ wow Kora

“SMTOWN LIVE” online concert, highlights released = “on parade of hit songs” “SMTOWN LIVE” online concert, highlights released = “Hit song on parade” (Image courtesy of wowkorea) Two days after the joint concert “SM TOWN LIVE” by artists belonging to SM Entertainment, a major Korean entertainment agency, the highlights of the concert have been released. … Read more

Red Velvet and Wendy! A group photo of 5 people is released … PR of “SMTOWN LIVE” to be delivered on New Year’s Day –Kstyle

Photo = Red Velvet Instagram A complete photo of Red Velvet has been released. On the 29th, Red Velvet wrote on the official Instagram, “Let’s enjoy SM TOWN LIVE’Culture Humanity’to the world for free, which heals and encourages people who are having a difficult time with the new coronavirus.” Was posted. This is a PR … Read more

SM Entertainment SJ, Tae Yeon, Baek Hyun and others gather to sing free online watch | Super Junior | Red Velvet | NCT

[Epoch Times December 28, 2020](Epoch Times reporter Chao Rong compiled a report) SM Entertainment announced today (28th) through the “SMTOWN” official SNS that its artist groups will be held in the afternoon of January 1, 2021 Korean time An online concert “SMTOWN LIVE “Culture Humanity”” will be held at 1 o’clock. SM Entertainment’s New Year’s … Read more