AI proceeds to progress the field of radiation oncology

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the overall oncology cure1, is beginning to exhibit excellent likely to improve the part of radiation therapy oncologists. In accordance to Matthew A. Manning, MD, the foreseeable future of AI in radiation oncology could lie in diagnostics and medical conclusion support. “AI can ingest large quantities of details and system … Read more

The psychological toll of colorectal cancer survival

Thanks to advances in procedure, much more and far more patients are surviving colorectal cancer for a very long time. New research addresses a minimal-recognized factor of these survivors’ ordeals: their emotional sequelae. The examine discovered that even decades immediately after prognosis, survivors of colorectal cancer most regularly cited “psychological distress” as their worst knowledge … Read more

Docetaxel as an substitute to cisplatin in H&N radiotherapy

For people with locally state-of-the-art squamous mobile carcinoma of the head and neck who cannot tolerate platinum chemotherapy, docetaxel is a balanced choice to maximize sensitivity to radiation treatment, scientists report a period III trial in India. “This is the initially randomized research to show the gain of an alternate radiosensitizer in cisplatin-ineligible sufferers,” they … Read more

Sharp cutoff at age 70

Choices manufactured based mostly on age by itself can skip the mark when managing early-stage breast cancer, scientists report new information exhibiting a sharp cutoff at age 70. Dr. Wesley Chalcott “In our review, a person of the most crucial variables in selecting whether or not to advise common-of-care radiotherapy or palliative remedy for breast … Read more