Photos: Animal Soul Aragón, a protector who seeks a home for all kinds of animals

Portia and Ellen, scared only at first From the association they feel fortunate to be able to cover practically all the expenses of food and basic material thanks to donations from individuals. “Our biggest economic expense is the veterinarian, for which we carry out all kinds of activities to raise money, such as raffles, tapas, … Read more

Rabbit breeder from Erzgebirge builds his own camera system

Rabbit breeder Christian Voigt from Niederwuerschnitz in the Ore Mountains calls his camera system “monitoring center” with which he always keeps an eye on the whelping boxes of his animals. His Big Brother installation consists of a total of twelve cameras and several monitors. Everything I bought and assembled myself, of course. “I then have … Read more

Animal of the week: Rabbit Berta was confiscated and is looking for a new home mind

Minden (mt/jp). The delicate, light brown rabbit lady Berta came to the shelter as part of a large confiscation. In one case of animal hoarding, over 100 rabbits were rescued from a catastrophic attitude and distributed to various animal welfare organizations. There they received veterinary care, were vaccinated and castrated and were finally able to … Read more

Photos: Dozens of exotics seek a second chance with AGAE

Always looking for support To maintain itself financially, the association relies on contributions from members, adoption fees, animal collection fees from guardians who do not want to or cannot take care of the furry ones, and some sporadic donations. In addition, the members themselves also contribute. “At Christmas we sell lottery, in summer some t-shirts… … Read more

The southern border is about to collapse Tough NY no one helps | Tough NY on the southern border | Food stamps stolen | Building height limits | No retail dogs, cats, rabbits |

[Voice of Hope December 17, 2022](Comprehensive report by our reporter Lin Qing)Hello listeners! Today is December 17th, Saturday, welcome to listen to the whole news of the Voice of New York. 1. The southern border of the United States is about to collapse, and the difficult New York has no help 2. New York Senator … Read more