How to test your balance and protect yourself from falls and injury

By Dr Kelly Starrett And Juliet Starrett For The Mail On Sunday 22:31 25 Mar 2023, updated 22:55 25 Mar 2023 Good balance is the most unsung physical skill and is key to helping prevent falls  New book reveals the best exercises to try to improve your balance  Good balance is the most unsung physical … Read more

It is required to safeguard the vitality infrastructure: Zelensky held a conference right after the assault on terrorists

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, held a meeting with law enforcement officers, the military and intelligence, at which present-day mass shelling of Russians and its consequences have been talked over. That’s what he is about wrote in your Telegram. “Held a conference regarding enemy shelling of our infrastructure. The Countrywide Safety and Defense Council, … Read more

Love Dogs Help Toddlers Protect From Dangers | Little Masters | The Epoch Times

[The Epoch Times, March 02, 2023](Reported by English Epoch Times reporter LOUISE CHAMBERS/Compiled by Xu Mingyu) A cute and loving dog must accomplish his mission, always when the little owner is climbing stairs, going downstairs or going out protect her. The owner said the bond between the pup and their daughter was “so special”. Haley, … Read more

I spend new year with Aoyama

I spend new year with Aoyama /csr-component/config/gallery/index.js 4BO9nkErEtxchina.huanqiu.comgalleryI spend new year with Aoyama/e3pmh1nnq/e3pn6eiep 1674356507797Editor in charge: Ren XinxuanPeople’s Daily Online – Picture Channel167435650779711[]{“audio”:{“members”:[]},”gallery”:{“members”:[{“desc”:”2023年1月21日,甘肃祁连山国家级自然保护区管护中心西水自然保护站的护林员同森林公安祁连山分局西水派出所的干警们一道在巡查中越过沟壑。 2023年1月21日是农历除夕,甘肃祁连山国家级自然保护区管护中心张掖肃南裕固族自治县境内六个保护站的一线护林员和派出所干警对保护区管辖范围内的森林草原防火、野生动植物生长情况进行仔细巡查,确保了保护区无火灾和野生动植物无违法盗猎、砍伐。甘肃祁连山国家级自然保护区管护中心西水自然保护站地处甘肃省张掖市肃南裕固族自治县东北部,管辖区有森林、草原、植被91万亩,有白唇鹿、藏雪鸡等一类保护动物和马熊、马麝、甘肃马鹿、岩羊、盘羊、蓝马鸡等二类保护动物,保护站担负着森林草原防火、野生动物保护和辖区内祁连山水源涵养林养护的重任,春节期间护林员和派出所干警们放弃休息,用辛勤的汗水护守甘肃河西走廊人民赖以生存的祁连山。王将摄(人民图片网)”,”height”:733,”id”:”h468mk_351316″,”mime”:”image/jpg”,”size”:292.11,”url”:”//”,”width”:1100},{“desc”:”2023年1月21日,甘肃祁连山国家级自然保护区管护中心西水自然保护站的护林员同森林公安祁连山分局西水派出所的干警们在清理防火隔离沟。”,”height”:733,”id”:”t8u4qt_123118″,”mime”:”image/jpg”,”size”:283.47,”url”:”//”,”width”:1100},{“desc”:”2023年1月21日,甘肃祁连山国家级自然保护区管护中心西水自然保护站的护林员同森林公安祁连山分局西水派出所的干警们一道用现代科技设备对森林草原防火、野生动植物保护进行监测。”,”height”:733,”id”:”12t3cw_134917″,”mime”:”image/jpg”,”size”:269.32,”url”:”//”,”width”:1100},{“desc”:”2023年1月21日,甘肃祁连山国家级自然保护区管护中心西水自然保护站的护林员同森林公安祁连山分局西水派出所的干警们正在进行巡查。”,”height”:714,”id”:”jq5csd_295315″,”mime”:”image/jpg”,”size”:343.32,”url”:”//”,”width”:1100},{“desc”:”2023年1月21日,甘肃祁连山国家级自然保护区管护中心西水自然保护站的护林员同森林公安祁连山分局西水派出所的干警们在清理上游降雨冲刷下来的枯树。”,”height”:733,”id”:”4vpxn8_510119″,”mime”:”image/jpg”,”size”:410.4,”url”:”//”,”width”:1100}]},”video”:{“members”:[]}}// more recommendations 4BO9nkErEtxgallery// spend new year with Aoyamachina.huanqiu.com1674356507797 4BO9fJlrzLigallery// Chinese New Year Parade in New York to celebrate Chinese New Yearworld.huanqiu.com1674356280075 4BO3vGmP7TXgallery// Celebrate the Year of Reunion with Long Table … Read more

Jingdong, Yunnan: the green hills are often surrounded by the sound of apes_Headmap_Pu’er Channel_Yunnan Net

Original Title: Jingdong, Yunnan: Green Mountains are often ringing with the sound of apes In the biodiversity exhibition hall on the third floor of the Jingdong Management and Conservation Bureau of the Ailao Mountain National Nature Reserve in Wuliang Mountain, Yunnan, a Xiaoxi black-crested gibbon is hanging on a tree branch, looking cute. This is … Read more

‘Dibu’ buys a guard dog for half a million pesos

Emiliano Dibu Martinez bought a Belgian Malinois shepherd for 23,000 euros (approximately 476,924 Mexican pesos), according to reports in the English press. The dog was trained by Special Forcesand Dibu bought it to protect his house, since lately some of the players’ homes in England have been robbed. belgian shepherd will protect your home and … Read more

A player from the Argentine national team buys a dog valued at more than 20,000 euros to protect his World Cup medal

Argentina was proclaimed world champion in Qatar on December 18, 2022 and since then there have been numerous stories from its fans and players that have gone viral on social networks or the media have echoed. The last one was carried out by the goalkeeper of the national team, Emiliano Martínez, also known as “El … Read more

The place where the black-necked cranes sing on the plateau- Minsheng- Zhong Gong Net

Original title: The place where the black-necked cranes on the plateau sing “Welcome the cranes on September 9, and send them away on March 3.” In the early morning, accompanied by the sound of cranes, Chen Guanghui walked up the river embankment, threw crane food, and watched more and more black-necked cranes. But full of … Read more

A plane carrying 53 rescue dogs crashed, confirming that all dogs and people are safe | Nico Nico News

See the original article from Karapaia here In Wisconsin, USA, a plane carrying rescue dogs from another state crashed into a golf course in bad weather after a heavy snowfall. The plane knocked down trees on the golf course and skidded across multiple courses before finally coming to a halt. Despite the violent impact, all … Read more

Yellow River Anlan • Green Development Sees Shandong | Birds gather in picturesque Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve to welcome guests from all over the world-Domestic News-Jellyfish Net

Anlan of the Yellow River • Green Development in Shandong | Birds flock to the picturesque Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve on the red carpet to welcome guests from all over the world Editor’s note: Shandong, as the nine-curved Yellow River entering Haiti, shoulders the mission bravely, and makes every effort to promote the … Read more