Grenelle de l’Éducation: the SE-Unsa recalls its expectations before the Minister’s Grand oral

Wednesday May 26 at the end of the day, Jean-Michel Blanquer will close the Grenelle of Education launched last October. This operation will have mobilized 10 groups of personalities coming mainly from civil society, organized the general state of the digital, a conference on the teacher of the XXIe century, a staff consultation and, in … Read more

“Requiem for National Education”: “the level is rising …”

Patrice Romain publishes “Requiem for national education – A school head denounces: parents and teachers must know!” published by Recherches Midi. With all their arrogance and their superiority complex, demago-pedagogists know what is good for the common people. Thus, they decreed that, to live happily, the little worker should not suffer at school in order, … Read more