Prelude – Baden: New listening places

Many announcements for cultural events currently begin with the word “should”. Consequently, should the corona pandemic allow it, the New Year’s trio will open the eighth season of Junge Musikfreunde Baden on January 19th in the Theater am Steg. With Rachmaninoff’s “Trio élégiaque”, fiery piano music by Thierry Escaich and “Beethoven, which is so important … Read more

Curious story – no racing pigeons for World Cup? Zagging helped the Chinese

This year the World Championship for carrier pigeons took place in the Serbian capital Belgrade. Due to EU regulations, pigeons from the stronghold of China did not have the opportunity to take part in this World Cup, even though Serbia is not an EU member at all. The Chinese sports fans had an idea: A … Read more

Band presentation – “Safaro” from St. Pölten shows a broad “range”

With “Vegetating” the St. Pölten band composed a unique sound that cannot be pigeonholed into a genre. Created on December 25th, 2021 | 06:07 Bassist Arthur Hansl, drummer Samuel Scheer, guitarist and singer Fabian Kühmayer and Roman Kugler (from left) make up the band “Safaro”. Photo: music.stp Influences from pop to rock to RnB – … Read more

Wieselburg, Petzenkirchen – Kulturhof Aigner: cancellations and great sadness

At the Kulturhof Aigner in Wieselburg it will be quiet until the turn of the year. Both concerts that are still planned have been canceled. Created on December 22nd, 2021 | 03:48 Guitarist Christoph Lechner would have turned 42 on Christmas Day. Photo: private On Thursday, “Scandal im Austropop” should have held their traditional Christmas … Read more

Comments – Freilauf – NÖ

More than 200 dogs live in Hofstetten-Grünau. Their need to run free is given, only where is it allowed to let off steam? Dogs need exercise, but this is – mostly and often rightly – not welcome in public spaces. Not every pedestrian wants to be jumped on by a four-legged friend – even if … Read more

Running – Kathrin Polke made history with the university team

It has become quiet in the last few weeks and months with Kathrin Polke from LAC Harlekin Mistelbach, one of the newcomers of the year. But that’s not because the 5,000-meter national champion slipped out of her running shoes; the 24-year-old has been studying more than 7,500 kilometers away from Mistelbach in the USA since … Read more

Sankt Margarethen – Susanna Hahofer: Kick it like Ivanschitz

Susanna Hahofer from St. Margarethen is currently on the trail of Andreas Ivanschitz. Like the retired Burgenland soccer star, the 18-year-old kicked her way from Burgenland to the USA. She spent the past five months far from home. Her skills with the round leather earned the 18-year-old a college scholarship in the USA – at … Read more

Neunkirchen region – Luke Andrews-Band wants To London for more

Live concert in a legendary club and gangs tied to “Simply Red”. Created December 10th, 2021 | 04:46 Martin Weninger, Luke Andrews and Tom Traint in London. Photo: private What is currently impossible in Austria, Luke Andrews and his band with the Aspanger Tom Traint and Martin Weninger were last able to fulfill in London: … Read more

Hofstetten-Grünau – lifesaver on four paws: Relay leader tells about work

With sufficient trust and respect, dog and human complement each other perfectly. This combination has achieved success in a team for decades – as the Austrian Rescue Dog Brigade proves. Where the most modern technology fails, the fine nose becomes a lifesaver. Karina Zampa has been leading the relay in Hofstetten-Grünau for one and a … Read more

“Learned a lot” – scholarship for schoolgirls with a migration background

The START scholarship is awarded annually to committed students with a history of migration in order to support them on their educational path. The young people have the opportunity to take part in seminars, they also receive material support as well as support and advice. START Lower Austria is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. … Read more