Beet salmorejo, a summer recipe with a different point

Prescription: Beet salmorejo Category: Incoming Processing time: 15 minutes Cooking time: – Total time: 15 minutes Datasheet DifficultyMedia Weather15 minutes Servings4 Calories– The original salmorejo was a puree made from bread, oil and garlic. No, it didn’t have tomato; he had not yet come from the New World. So we should not be surprised by … Read more

Five dishes prepared with the weekend’s leftovers

The Monday we are almost lazy until we breathe. And as much as we like to unwind between the stoves, the kitchen does not get rid of this lethargy at the beginning of the week. Maybe you are one of those who is lucky enough to return from the parents’ house on Sunday with a … Read more

Jordi Cruz and the Torres brothers prepare recipes to pair with Magna de San Miguel

With these two proposals to enjoy with beer, the chefs join the new campaign in which the brand invites us to make our own decisions and write the script of our lives Magna de San Miguel, with its new campaign “Write the script of your life”, highlights the strength of making our own decisions. A … Read more

Six healthy and fresh cheesecakes for summer

Cheesecake with Blueberries Blueberry Cheesecakes – @avenayaguacate Ingredients for the base: 80 g rolled oats, 50 g melted butter, 30 g unsoaked dates. Ingredients for the stuffing: 250 g mascarpone, 200 g natural yogurt, two eggs, 12 g stevia powder, a lemon (only its zest), two teaspoons vanilla aroma Ingredients for the jam: 150 g … Read more

Recipe for roast beef with wine | Gastronomy of Peru | nnda | nnni | PRESCRIPTIONS

Updated on 08/01/2021 02:03 pm To celebrate culture and traditions with more pride than ever, Peruvians have in the gastronomy a great ally, since each dish is not only a delight to the palate, but also hides secrets from every corner of Peru. Along with the typical fish ceviche, papa a la huancaĆ­na, causa a … Read more