Shrimp in garlic sauce; make a sophisticated homemade dish with the following recipe

The shrimp in garlic sauce It is a Mexican dish, especially coastal that consists of prawns Golden and bathed in garlic and lemon with sauce to taste, they are accompanied by a wide variety of foods such as white rice with corn grains, beans, salad, among others, and with a delicious drink of our choice. … Read more

Russian salad with shrimp; elevate the flavor of your dish with this recipe

The Russian salad Or also known as Olivier salad, it is a typical dish in several countries in Europe, Asia and America. Depending on the culinary tradition of each region, it can have different ingredients, but generally it includes potatoes, carrots and cooked peas that are mixed with mayonnaise to give a touch of flavor … Read more

Juicy and tender garlic prawns

Garlic prawns are one of the most popular tapas or rations in Spain, but they are also one of the most shattered dishes in our geography. Why? Sometimes because they are made with regional quarter prawns, peeled and deep-frozen from the afterlife, and sometimes because they are charred in oil until they acquire a rubbery … Read more

Asparagus and shrimp risotto recipe

Recipe proposed by Silvia Sciattella Risotto with asparagus, together with risotto with zucchini, tinges our spring menus with green! After trying the combination with speck and raspadura, we chose to bring a seafood variant to the table: asparagus and shrimp risotto! A winning combination, the one between asparagus and shellfish, which we had already appreciated … Read more

Recipe Cream of asparagus and prawns

The asparagus and shrimp soup is a quick and easy first course, a perfect soup for the spring season. A really tasty recipe to win over your guests! It is a “zero waste” recipe, everything that can be recovered is used: the asparagus scraps in this case are used to create the broth that will … Read more

The tasty recipe with pasta and prawns that you can prepare in five minutes

Duration 00:10 Basic Difficulty 2 diners Zero waste Low in calories Low in calories, high in fiber, tasty and full of nutrients. This week Roberto Bosquet, Chef Bosquet, challenges us at ABC Bienestar to prepare a delicious, satisfying and healthy dish in record time: Konjac pasta noodles with garlic prawns. But also in his step … Read more

Murcian caldero rice with sea bass and prawns, a seafood recipe

Total: 55 min Diners: 2 It takes its name from the container in which the ancient sailors made it with the remains of the fish and shellfish that were left of the day. Caldero rice is a very typical dish of the region of Murcia (Spain) and one of its main characteristics is that normally … Read more