An unknown scorcher knocked down a dog on a “zebra” in Vyborg and left the animal to die

Follow us at For several hours, veterinarians fought for the life of the caudate, but in the end it was decided to euthanize the animal. A homeless dog fell under the wheels of an unknown driver in the city of Vyborg, Leningrad Region. Eyewitnesses told about this in the group “Interesting events in Vyborg” of … Read more

Alexander Drozdenko spoke about the benefits introduced in the Leningrad region for families of NWO participants

Follow us at A new package of measures has come into force to support the children of military personnel, mobilized and volunteers participating in the NWO. Innovations affected the children of military personnel, mobilized and volunteers participating in the SVO. In particular, citizens can get an extraordinary place in a kindergarten and an advantage when … Read more

Benefits for children and families of mobilized people began to operate in the Leningrad region

The families of those mobilized will receive monthly compensation for part of the costs of paying housing and communal services, and their children will receive an extraordinary place in kindergarten and other benefits, recalled the Governor of the Leningrad Region Alexander Drozdenko. As Alexander Drozdenko reported on November 2 in his Telegram channel, a package … Read more

Smolenskaya Gazeta – Cynologist of the Smolensk Federal Penitentiary Service and her service dog took one of the cups at the All-Russian competitions

Photo: © news An employee of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Smolensk region Oksana Ivanova, together with her German shepherd Puma, took part in All-Russianp interdepartmentalp competitionp national teams of federal executive bodies of Russia in service-applied sports, which passed within the territory of Moscow region. It should be noted that … Read more

Partial mobilization in the Leningrad region will end before the end of the week

Follow us at This was announced by the governor of the 47th region Alexander Drozdenko. In the Leningrad region, by the end of the week, on October 16, partial mobilization will be completed. The plan for the recruitment of practical servicemen has been fulfilled. This statement was made by the governor of the 47th region … Read more

Drozdenko promised a gubernatorial scholarship to the children of the mobilized

The Governor of the Leningrad Region Alexander Drozdenko announced a new measure of support for the families of men who received the summons, reported in the official telegram channel of the regional government. The children of the mobilized, studying in technical schools, colleges and universities, will be paid a gubernatorial scholarship. Earlier, the head of … Read more

“Peace to the Caucasus – 2022”: parade of participants, exhibition, traveling concerts along the Don

The XXI International Festival of Masters of Arts “Peace to the Caucasus” opens with a parade of participants in the Rostov Drama Theater, and then residents of not only the Don capital, but also other cities and districts of the Rostov region will be able to get acquainted with their work. October 5 in the … Read more

Stress and betrayal by smell. Dogs have been watching humans for 30,000 years

Dogs can tell when a person is stressed or when they are lying just by smell. Four-legged friends know almost everything about people after 30 thousand years of living side by side. According to The Daily Mail, dogs were domesticated about 30,000 years ago – and since then they have developed a range of ingenious … Read more

AIGEL group canceled all concerts in Russia, including in Kazan —

The Russian electronic hip-hop duo Aigel has canceled all concerts in the country, citing government pressure as the reason. The group made the announcement on social media. According to the group’s statement, since September 1, the duet has been on the list of artists whose concerts are not recommended in Russia: “City clubs are forced … Read more

The government supported the redistribution of the workload and the increase in the salaries of teachers

The Cabinet of Ministers, after reaching an agreement with the trade union representing teachers, on Saturday at an extraordinary meeting adopted an information report prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science (MON) on the redistribution of the workload of teachers and an increase in the rate, the communication department of the Ministry of Education … Read more